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  1. ... a head gasket blow? What happens?
  2. Ugh, a hole appears?
  3. thanks... great help
  4. The gasket divides the head and block. Coolant and oil passages run between the two. When the gasket gives out, it will either leak coolant into your oil (a break between the passage) or coolant/oil into your cylinders (a break between one of the passages and a cylinder). Either is very bad new for obvious reasons.
  5. I think he's asking what causes a head gasket to blow....

    Too much cylinder pressure can cause the head gasket to blow (severe overboost, knock, etc.). A lot of times, you'll ruin the head gasket because you've overheated the car causing the cylinder head to warp, relieving just a little bit of clamping pressure on the head gasket and POP!
  6. When the head gasket blows, make sure to check the catalytic converter. Coolant or oil can get into your exhaust system when the head gasket blows.
  7. Poor running, if at all and white smoke from the tailpipe is often a sure sign of a blown headgasket as well. Also, checking compression would tell you if you have a blown head gasket.

    For high boost or high compression it is common practice to o-ring cylinder heads for a better head to block seal.

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