How fast do these actually go?

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  1. In australia we don't get this we got a cobra R but it only had 240kW i know you talk in hp, but this one is at 290kW. 50kW less is around 70hp so 320hp is about what we'd get.

    they arnt that fast, and they arnt very good cars, but i know that the american version is more powerul and quicker. so how fast do these actually go over in america, acceleration times woudl be fine thanks.
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    12.5 in the quarter mile.
    0-60 in 4.5 seconds.
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    LOL. Not even MMFF ran that fast.

    MMFF 12.79, 13.01, 13.XX, 12.94.......
    SCC 13.4
    R&T 13.1
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    Holy f^ck man, get out of here, you have no clue as to what you are taling about.
    MM@FF has run a best so far at a 12.4 second quarter mile.
    SCC sucks big time if they could only get a 13.4, a FULL second slower!
    You lose in life as well as the internet.
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    ...and I guess that means the editor of Popular Hot Rodding can't drive either....hmmm....

    MMFF NEVER got a 12.4 on a production vehicle. Try again.

    The times I posted came from their website. You know this as well as I.
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    American it is obvious you are biased towards this car. I know you are going to fly back at me with an infuriated statement but you sound like a friend of mine that continually gains more horsepower with his Ford 302 even though he doesn't modify it.
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    Yes they did.
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    Any car is going to "feel" like it's getting more powerful when it's breaking in from new.
    Your friends 302 is not doing that though since it's already broken in. Your friend is a moron (is this the same friend that always has problems with fords?).
    And last, I'm not biased towards this car, I just hate morons hating on it because it's a mustang.
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    You have access to the site. Post it.
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    I don't think that article is on their site. Not every article in every magazine is posted on their sites, why would their be any reason to recieve the magazine if all you had to do was look it up on the net.
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    What issue is it? I`ll be ever so happy to go to the library and look it up...
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    I have the issue. I'll scan the mother #$%#er and show you that they ran a best of 12.4 stock.
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    Here it is. 12.43 @ 113.
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    Hell thats awesome. Did they say anything about the car dynoing at 420+ hp? I would like to see an article on this supposed horsepower underrating rumor.
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    owned? man you sound like a kid. Really out to see boredupR32 proven wrong on anything he says huh? I bet you even secretly agree with some of the stuff he says but you just argue anyway to put on a show.
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    The Cobra comes with Mickey Thompson`s stock?
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    LOL....are you sure you`ve been to "college"? You seem a little young.

    By the appears the tires weren`t stock. Kinda makes a difference....

    Which issue is this in? I`d like to read the whole article.....

    Notice the article says point blank they`ve been getting quarter times a half second faster than ALL the other pubs. I wonder why that is?...and this article still fails non-biased observer criteria.....hmmmm
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    that's pretty fn quick. the ones we get like i said ar a lot slower, high 14s for the 1/4 mile
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    Hey good eye BoredUp... I didn't notice about the Mickey Thompsons. Oh look they tucked in the mirrors... wouldn't that be considered cheating? haha I'm just kidding.
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    I wouldn't consider tucking in mirrors cheating....taking them off maybe....
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    That picture is with M/Ts you dumbass. If you read the article you would see that he ran 12.43 stock. They put on a lightning pulley and M/Ts to run 11.6. Read the aticle again.
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    You are by far the biggest f^cking idiot on this site now, even more so then SuperMoronOne.
    I told you this was true, and yet you don't believe me, fine. Somebody SCANS the f^cking article for you, and you still don't have the reading comprehension to understand it. I thought you were getting a masters degree, from where third grade?
    Read the article MORON. The proof is their right in front of you.
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    Unfortunately, I read as much as I could. There are portions I cannot see. I also noted a statement regarding a MMFF run of 12.67, "BUT they were on a cold track and stock tires". This makes me believe the tires on the 12.4 run were not stock. Like I said, look into what you read instead of taking everything for granted....

    I read everything I could....

    By the way...last time I checked, unless you are using a dogbox mission (which the Cobra does not have) it is near impossible to "power shift" as you call it consisitently according to the most prevalant definition of power shifting (not using the clutch).

    As for American. You have proved time and again you are neither educated nor mature enough to speak on my level. Go play with your toys and let the adults have a conversation....

    after further reading, I find that the car is owned by Ford and was given to these guys to test. Again, no telling what they did to it.

    As far as I see it, with all the other times in the very high 12's and low 13's, a 12.4 car this is not.
    I have a magazine time from Nissan showing a 12.55 quarter for the R34 VspecII with a passenger in it. Are you willing to accept the R34 running a 12.55 quarter? I'M NOT EVEN WILLING TO ACCEPT IT. There is what the car runs, and there is what has been played with to make it run. Who knows what Ford did to it before they gave it to them.....
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    Here since you obviously can't read I will quote. "...With the car in 100 percent factory trim, I cruised to a 12.67 @ 110 mph. That run came with a soft launch and without powershifting. As usual, the Raceway Park staff was accommodating -- they let me cool the car in the lanes and roll out when I was ready. I let the Cobra sit for about one hour, but used no ice or any other tricks. On my next pass I launched harder and pulled all the gears with the throttle wide open. My E.T. dropped to an unexpected 12.43 @ 113 mph! I even took the car back to the scale with my friend Jeff Giovino, who happens to work in the NHRA tech department, so he could see just how heavy (and powerful) this car was." MM&FF, October 2002.

    There, do you see anything in there about adding M/T tires to get the E.T. to 12.43?!
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    And powershifting is not when you dont use the clutch. It is when you never let off the gas when you push the clutch in to shift.

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