How fast do these actually go?

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    Very good comeback. I don't know I think I am more biased against mustangs than he is FOR them. Just look at my avatar. I just don't see why anyone would dream that small. C'mon you have the Viper, Camaro/Firebird, and Corvette to choose from. Oh I'm sorry, maybe you don't foresee any income of more than $17,000 a year. Boredup and I are going to college, so we can dream bigger than that.
  2. Re: How fast do these actually go?, you're going to college, amazing. Guess that means you'll automatically start out at well over $100,000 a year kid, good
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    I received my Bachelor's five years ago.....I'm in school getting my Master's in Physics.....

    As for American, hey, when I'm arguing with a two year old, you have to argue on their terms....2 year olds don't understand adult-speak....
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    I just read this ENTIRE thread, hoping to find out some personal knowledge of how fast this Cobra is in the 1/4. Instead, I find a couple of guys going back and forth like kids, lol. C'mon guys, acting this way is kinda stupid. I try to be unbiased towards all different types of automobile owners, as do most people, and I understand that there are those who are hard-pressed to believe that someone else's car is better (e.g. quicker-accelerating, more expensive, bigger, etc.) than their pride and joy. I look at the situation like this: every car is slightly different. I believe this is because 95% of the automobiles made on this planet are manufactured on an assembly line. A few bolts torqued tighter on one car could make a difference in its performance, good or bad, depending on where the bolt is, of course. So you know what I do? I usually go to a dragstrip and watch. I compare what times the average sport driver gets (I dont think a soccer mom's gonna be out there) to what is posted in a MULTI-BRAND magazine. Brand-specific magazines are a little more likely to be biased toward their cars, dont you think? I know I see it when I go from a Porsche-specific mag to a Corvette-specific mag. Both of them think their representing cars are the best. As far as underrating goes, it makes a lot of sense for companies to do it, it keeps them out of hot water. But how are WE supposed to know how much? I'm speaking on behalf of the average Joe Blow, and I don't even know how to find out how much companies overrate cars by. 10 hp, 20 hp, 50? I've got no clue. Does anyone?

    Thanks to whoever reads this LONG post, but I had to get this off my chest. Actually, and I know I'm gonna get thrashed for this, I've seen '02 and up ZO6s beat out '03 Cobras, running 12.4-12.6s and 12.6-12.8s, respectively in the 1/4, all stock via their word.
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    No one said the z06 was slower...?
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    You`ve just restated my posts.

    On second probably will get flamed.
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    "How about I start denying shit about your skyline? Cuz we all know that the Skyline stock is a 13.8 second car, that would get it's ass pummeled by both the Camaro and Mustang!"

    You say this as if the Camaro and Mustang are better than the Skyline

    "Because I've seen the 03' Cobra run 12.5's stock!!! But obviously you won't take my word on it, neither will you take some damn proof...So why don't you do as I say and get on those boards and ask yourself?"

    Of course we're not going to believe you seen Cobras run 12.5s stock... since your idea of stock discludes Cold Air Intake, Catback Exaust, K & N air filters, and Free Mods.

    The only man I've seen on a forum with a "true stock" Cobra had 345 rwhp WHICH IS STILL UNDERRATED SO SHUTUP ABOUT THE DUDES WITH 370 WITH "ONLY" CATBACK EXAUST OR "ONLY" COLD AIR INTAKE.
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    Why do you even post...? You have already told us you know nothing about vehicles and that you have a strong biased against v-8s. Go somewhere else! You and whoredup are both f^cking annoying idiots who can't userstand simple things which are proven to you time and time again. F^cking tools.
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    13.8 in a car that has the same power as the Camaro (actually, since I can drop in a Nismo filter at no charge, a little more than the Camaro) and weighs 300 lbs less WITH AWD.... I guess the Camaro would be lucky to break into 13`s.....

    I do recall posting VIDEO of a stock HEAVY R34 (that would be, oh, yes, 300 lbs more than an R32) running a 12.9

    Yeah, you did post proof.....of a dyno at around 351 to the wheels. And I have an owner of an 03 Cobra to ask...lives right down the street....I thought we`d already been over this....
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    Now whose jealous......

    I thought you were only pushing 300HP to the ground.... How do you think your heavier RWD, is going to be faster than my lighter car with 120HP more to the ground WITH AWD? Experiencied my ass....
    Next time you`re out in Cali, let me know....I`ll be glad to meet you at Laguna Seca! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    It`s really eating you isn`t it?.....
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    Considering you don't own a skyline you would be a lot slower. Owning a car in Gran Turismo and actually owning one in real life are different things kid, go back to playing video games.

    Oh and if it was a drag race...rwd would own a awd car.
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    This had been addressed as well.

    I purchased the car from an old guy who done a bit of racing. He had been pushing too much boost on the stock engine and had been detonating. The detonation damaged one of the rings in cylinder six which then scored the cylinder.

    I had the block SLIGHTLY bored from 2568cc's to 2698cc's.

    Even IF I had Bored my engine for the purposes of power, it WOULD STILL not make me a hypocrite.

    "No replacement for Displacement" is not the same as "Increasing Displacement does nothing".....Never have I said this. Circular logic would provide that you believe a vehicle should never use FI, only larger displacement!

    What proof do you want?
    ...and.....I have yet to see any proof you own an SS......
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    There ya go....Ten pics....

    Including a before and after pic of the build, and a pic when I pulled the engine.....

    Need more?

    By the either need to get some sun or adjust the aperature on your camera!
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    How about pics at the lab?....

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    Hey thats cool the steering wheel is on the right side.
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    My was a joke that didn`t take.....

    ...and I`m not acting!

    (That would be a joke as well)
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    You really know how to piss these guys off. Anyhow I would like to address the AWD vs. RWD issue. Now I love AWD more than words can describe, but on dry pavement I do not see an advantage(and possibly a disadvantage) in having AWD. I do see an advantage in the launch of an AWD since you will be able to drop the clutch at a higher RPM and not worry about wheelspin... and as long as it returns to RWD when the front and rear wheels are moving at the same rate that makes it even better(I've heard some AWD systems are different). Maybe the only disadvantage to a person with AWD is that if he had RWD in his car instead of AWD it would weigh less.

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    AWD is an advantage in terms of exit speeds when coming out of corners....

    It is a huge advantage for inexperienced drivers....not so much for experienced.

    It would weigh a little less....
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    Weigh really hope you are talking about RWD and not AWD.
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    Yes, of COURSE I'm talking about RWD.

    Check my OTHER posts on the subject....although it's not by much.

    The rest of the car is equally important in terms of weight anyway....the 2002 Z06 for example is heavier than the 4WD R32 or N1 R34.

    As for terms of the GTR, the RWD versions are NOT any faster (I thought we had already been over this). The car is only 4WD when necessary. The RWD Skylines are NO faster in all out topspeed.
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    LOL...the skyline lighter then the Let me get my breath I'm laughing to much.
    The 2002 Skyline R34 GT-R weighs in at a very light (sarcasm) 3968lbs!!! Thats a hell of a lot more then the Z06 kid. And, it's even more then the 2003 cobra.
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    Wrong on two accounts.

    CHECK your facts before you post drivel.

    FIRST the R34 weighs 3470 lbs...The weight on this site is the given LADEN weight for an Mspec R34.

    SECOND...the R34 N1 weighs in at 3107 lbs. THAT IS lighter than the Z06 last time I checked.

    My R32 weighs in pretty close as well at around 3160.

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    So somehow they managed to get rid of around
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    Well considering Nissan's laden weight is two passengers and a full tank of gas....and that the MSPEC comes with, among other things, TV tuner/in dash DVD/GPS, electronically adjustable suspension, and a full leather interior.

    The N1 replaces a number of parts and body panels, such as hood, doors, tower braces, etc with a number of lighter parts....about 340 lbs worth from the standard R34.

    Anything else?

    Like I obviously are severely uneducated in the subject. Your claim to fame.
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    so it's 11 lbs less...big deal...the driver can change that difference.

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