How fast do these actually go?

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    Yes I do. Stating false info makes you the liar.
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    and where from?

    Don't know? Embarrassed? What?

    I have yet to state false facts.....only repeated what YOU yourself said in another forum......lucky for you it was erased.......I assert YOU are the liar.
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    I have yet to see one.

    However I have seen a Mustang drivers do the following things in my hometown (which has a mere population of just 5,000):

    1) try to look cool (in the local Credit Union parkinglot when a bunch of us were hanging out there one night) in a snowy parkinglot by pulling the handbrake, he then proceeded to slide sideways right into a lamp post, dented the driver's side door in by about 60 cm....he shattered his hip.

    2) desperately try to get ahead of me while racing on a twisty road (which he insisted that I race him on), after a long straight stretch he finally caught up to me just before a corner, desperate to pass, he entered the corner way to fast (passing me in the process), he then got some considerable understeer and went right off the road, into a tree.

    3) try to pass me on our skihill road after I had passed him on the way down, he tried to keep up after I passed him, but couldn't, until (again) he hit a straight stretch, then tried to force his way between me and the apex of a turn, I decided to let him through, so I increased brake pressure so I could drift wide, he then bumped me, and then got caught in the ditch on the inside, hit the bank at the apex which caused him to rebound away from it, his wheels left the ground, he spun around, was then facing backwards at me, and I had a moment (felt that long anyway) to decide what to do, I saw a gap on the inside of the turn, so I transferred the weight to the front wheels and then pinned it and managed to get around him as he slammed against the other bank.
    *note: in the third incident, I had just been driving at my own comfortable pace, passed him in a safe manner, then he decided he wouldn't let any little Civic beat him when he was driving to his fullest, so he took things too far, drove recklessly, and paid for it.

    4) also, not in my hometown, on the way back from Kelowna one day, I was driving at a conservative speed of 120, got through the last twisty section before a series of long straights and drawn out curves, as I entered one corner before a long straight, I edged toward the apex of the yellow line, and about 1/3 through the corner an old, ugly, white mustang came flying around the corner (going approximately 150-160), taking up 1/2 my lane, and with so much body roll his rims were nearly touching the pavement and his tires were squealing. As I tapped the brake, then swerved over to the right, he swerved in, got a fair bit of oversteer, slid sideways for a bit, he overcorrected, and shot right across the road, into a sandbank. I had to slow down with the right side of my car on the gravel shoulder at 120km/h and came to a stop, I went back, gave him sh!t for being so stupid, made sure he was alright (I have some first aid background), then made sure his car started, and was drivable, then continued on my way home. This was a 25 yr. old stereotypical jock/redneck who had obviously been drinking a bit. About 1 month later, I got a call from ICBC informing me that someone had made a claim against me, that I had been driving in his lane, and he had to avoid me, there was a court case, and he lost (all that had to be done was to have a look at our driving records

    So I dunno what your experience is, but "I see more foolish and dagerous people driving civics then I see driving mustangs..." is a grossly inaccurate, biased statement.

    Besides, even if that were true, Civics are more nimble and controllable than Mustangs (more likely that the driver can react in time and avoid an accident), also lighter, and less likely to cause a fatality in an accident. They also have higher safety ratings.
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    Blah blah're like a little kid. Say what you want, I have never, EVER posted my age, in any forum on this site, NEVER. So by you saying that I did, and trying to even convince me of it (you don't think I'd know if I did it?) you are a liar, simple as that.
    Lucky it was erased...yes it seems you are lucky it was erased, this way people won't actually know how much of a moron you really are.
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    Do you even read what you post...? My god it's like reading some r!cers wet dream or something. What I mean is it's complete bullsh!t. Go to any town and watch the import people driving around and you'll see the bad driving skills they have. Not saying that there aren't any bad domestic drivers out there, but the import drivers are by far the WORST drivers out there. Pretending your civic is a race car doesn't mean you're a race car driver or that you have those skills.
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    Dude, seriously, you have no right to be calling ANYONE a raging moron,seeing as you are the biggest one on this site. You lie, the back it up with NO facts. Or make them up, as you have on several occasions.
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    Blah blah blah. YOUR LIKE A LITTLE KID[see, others can be childish, too.]
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    Dude, you're such a slanderous homo.

    Yes I read what I post, and those were all accurate accounts of experiences I've had.

    Ummm.....wouldn't a rycer's wet dream be more like beating a Dodge Viper in a straightline race than beating people who can't drive on twisty roads?

    None of it was bullshit in any way whatsoever.

    Yes, I do admit that I know a few Import drivers who are stupid, reckless, skillless drivers.

    However none so bad as some of the Mustang drivers I've seen.

    I bet you're incapable of pulling a full 180 on a 2 lane highway while going 160km/h and heading in the opposite direction without losing control, or achieving the quickest local time for the nearest mountain road in your area, or pulling off a fully controlled 4 wheel drift around a hairpin turn at high speeds. Dude, I've known lots of Import drivers who had a considerable amount of skill.

    Making such a blanket statement is absolutely retarded, especially since the statistics show that Fatal accident rates among Mustang and Camaro drivers are much higher than any other car sold in North America. Your attitude only goes to support that evidence.

    I've never pretended my Civic is a race car, I know where its limitations lie, I just push it to get the most out of it and have added modifications to make it handle the rigours of off-road racing.

    And while I don't have the training or experience, I do have the instincts, and have been developing those skills so that several years down the road I can compete with full racing competitiveness. I have the basic skills down, am working on more advanced techniques.

    I bet you couldn't even tell me how to initiate even just a 2 wheel drift, or what the importance of weight transfer is.
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    Most Mustang fans have never even heard of a weight transfer. As for being a hardcore sportscar, why are nearly all of them sold with automatics.
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    Perfect example of my point.

    Mustang drivers are generally people who have little advanced driving skills, are not true driver's, but like to think they are among the worlds best, even if they don't know the first thing about what true driving skill is.
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    Haha you guys are just as bad as eachother. If you don't like Mustangs, watch `Gone in 60 Seconds' (old and new versions) and `Bullit'. If you don't like any Fords go to
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    Gone in 60 Seconds was alright, but not great, the original Italian Job was better than both versions of Gone in 60 Seconds.

    Mustangs are alright, it's the drivers who suck.

    And I've had enough experience with Mustangs, and one thing I can tell you is that Mustang drivers are all full of talk, but when it comes right down to it, they can't hack it under pressure.

    BTW - using the movie Gone in 60 Seconds as justification for Mustangs being cool is about as stupid as using Too Fast Too Furious as justification for Lancer Evo's being cool.
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    "BTW - using the movie Gone in 60 Seconds as justification for Mustangs being cool is about as stupid as using Too Fast Too Furious as justification for Lancer Evo's being cool."

    but Mustangs ARE cool, and so are EVOs
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    yes, but using the movies to justify that is stupid.
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    This is some funny sh!t. Thirty years ago when i use to think I was invincible and drove like an idiot it was in Detroit iron 'cause that's what was cheap, fast and available. nowadays, the imports hold that position and the youngsters out there are driving like idiots in civics and such. Folks who buy SVT Cobras tend to be a bit older and possibly more mature than folks in regular Stangs or GT's due to the cost factor. I can still drive like my a$$ is on fire and my hair is catching but I'm pickier about when and where I do it.
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    Dood, only like HALF of them are sold with automatics. And you're stereotyping again. You dont understand American Heritage. You want an example of a good handling Mustang? jerry Titus's 1967 Ford Mustang, the one he won the Trans Am series with.

    yes i HAVE heard of weight transfer. All you do is flame Mustang fans as i you knew alot, which you havent proven that you do yet. Ima do you a favor and give you some advice: Say something worthwhile by proving your points.
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    I saw a dyno sheet, at the fly they said it got 424HP, but i think it gets more than that, i was with my friend the other day dynoing a new cobra, it got 385 to the rear wheels, so it gets like 440 almost, but yes i am pretty sure they underrate it for insurance reasons, but it is true, they do underrate it.
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    Ive heard u say often about the Mustang/Camaro having the highest fatality rate in the US of any other car, but you havent mentioned where u got that info from and how it could be seen for us people who havent seen it. ive personally seen and heard of MUCH more fatalities in hondas alone than AMERICAN cars (im generalizing to emphasize the ratio), somethin like 3:1.
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    Right, I think you're FOS, especially considering the Civic has a much higher front-end, side, and rear impact crash safety rating.

    As I've said before, go through every single topic in the Ford Forums and you'll eventually find my original post stating that, along with the link to the site I got it from. I believe it was JD Power & Associates.
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    Password please,

    It's easy to see that you don't like ANY car.. So what the hell DO you like?

    And don't say Honda's..
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    the Cobra is underrated, but not by as much as some people claim. A resonable figure would be about 400 crank, maybe 5-10 more after the breakin piriod (and the Cobra has one hell of a break-in). Could you tell me the miles on the "new" Cobra that dynoed at 385 RWHP? that high I would guess he did all the free mods, and maybe a K&N, pluss break-in.
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    I don't think it's so easy to see, in fact I like just about anything.

    I'm just getting sick of seeing people go on about certain cars, while remaining completely ignorant of their major flaws.
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    I know several of the flaws with the '03 Cobra. I also know to the people who are going to buy an '03, those flaws dont matter.
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    Ya ain't met 'em all fella. I've been building and racing cars for thirty years now and happen to currently drive an '03 Cobra. You were probably still in diapers when I had my first race, if you were even around so don't talk out your a$$ about such a general subject. Idiots drive every kind of car imaginable, equating one type of car to a type of driver is moronic at best. You don't like Mustangs, so what. I don't like a lot of things but I don't spout crap like that about those who do. If ya ever get up to the NW, come by Pacific Raceway some Friday night so I can school ya on Mustang drivers <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    He says alot of BS about Mustangs and their drivers. As a matter of fact, someone asked him what kinds of cars he DOES like and he replied "just about anything". Well, doesnt "just about anything" include Mustangs as well? In his opinion no. He's just pissed cuz he knows 90% of the Mustangs out there (stock, not modded) are faster, safer, cooler, and simply better than his Honda hatckback. Hell, he's convinced a Civic R would beat a 2005 Mustang GT on a track even though the Mustang has more power, is longer, lower, has a lower center of gravity, has more torque, and probably has a better wheelbase than the Civic R where as the Civic R is a frikken hatchback, so it'll rollover at high speeds if the driver even thinks of taking a turn.

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