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  1. 387.87 kph is how many mph??? 260?
  2. 400 is 248.5 thats the speed acheived by the CCR, but not its maximum, as Nardo is banked, and I believe there were mildly adverse weather conditions at the time.
  3. 387.87 kph is 240.48 mph. thats pretty fast...but the veyron is faster.
  4. and hopefully, this will soon be
  5. Like i said in a different post, Koeniggsegg wouldnt have released this unless they were confident it'd beat the veyron
  6. The Veyron is faster... for now. How long do you think that the competition (especially Koenigsegg and McLaren) can take being the underdogs?
  7. McLaren really can't do much for now if their "flagship" is the SLR for the non Formula 1 cars.
  8. well i think this will be faster then the CCR but im not sure it will beat the veyron. Going from a car that does 420mph to one that does over 255mph is not as easy as giving it more power.

  9. It'll the Vayron. In fact I think the CCR could do it given the right conditions. If Koenigsegg makes such fast cars, then why don't they hold the record for the fastest top gear lap time?
  10. Yes it is... take a physics class.
  11. I don't know that the CCR has done a Top Gear power lap... though it would be nice to see. Power-to-weight is well up on the Enzo (still the quickest?), outright power is higher, and mechincal grip is comprible, as is braking capability. The Enzo may have a downforce advangage, but only in the fast stuff I'd imagine, as it's not all that light. My money would be on the CCR.
  12. I personally dont know why these companies are "fighting" to get the fastest production car. Really who is goin to care about 5 mph more top speed?. bettet yet how much profit could they make on this.
  13. Enzo is third now.

    3rd: Ferrari Enzo
    2nd: Maserati MC12
    1st: Pagani Zonda F
  14. All about bragging rights. Also, no one says, "Hey, what's the 2nd fastest car?"
  15. regarding the top gear lap times, the last time i checked, this was the standings :

    1) koenigsegg
    2) enzo
    3) carrera gt( +/- 1.19.40)
    4) slr

    i stand to be corrected if the above is inaccurate.
  16. Nope, the Koenigsegg CC8S didnt do too good, and the CCR was never tested on it.

    1.18.4 min - 129,63 km/h - Pagani Zonda F
    1.18.9 min - 128,81 km/h - Maserati MC12
    1:19.0 min - 128,52 km/h - Ferrari Enzo
  17. no its not. You should take a physics class or two. Aerodynamics play a much larger role than power at that point. Power is irrelevant if youre 10 feet off the ground with youre nose pointed to the sky mid-flip.
  18. You are correct.
  19. adverse weather conditions?
    apart from it being 8 degrees celsius, it was a cloudless day.
    and it "achieved" 388km/h. which would be a 395km/h on a straight.
  20. Me thinks me likes that... I've always been a fan of Mr. Pagani's cars. Aside from building my own designs, my dream garage (if I still only have room for two cars like at my current abode) will probably look like: Pagani Zonda F Roadster and a Freestream T1. :)
  21. Uh, actually, yes it is... I wasn't saying that aero refinement WOULDN'T be EASIER... but simply adding power will increase the top speed. Again, simple physics. Sure, aero stability is another issue, but if you're not stable a 400 kph... you've already got problems. Any downforce should increase in with the added speed rasing at a square like the drag.
  22. Is like a guy bragging about having the worlds largest penis.
  23. just adding more power to a car going 250 MPH will NOT give it the extra top speed. Aeros play a much larger role, and stability is the main problem. Nothing is all that stable at 250, so adding the extra 100 or whatever hp might get you a nice little one way ticket to takeoff.

    and adding power isnt all that easy. theres small problems called cooling and reliability. the veyron reportedly lost over 400 HP just to cooling the bastard.

    and anyways. aero plays a larger role. you said it yourself: its a square function. power is linear. at large values lowering the square function will net you better results.

    Why do you think it took them like 10 years to put out the veyron? because they had problems with the aerodynamics, not the power.
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    How come the ccx as it is said at this page does 1/4 mile in 9.9sek
    when it's a fact that the ccr can do it in 9.0sek ( tested in at least two magazines ).. I tought that the ccx was going to be something greater than the already existing ccr.. The cc 8s does it in 10. and the ccr in 9. anyone that knows the real specs for the new ccx ? check out they don't say anything about the ccx yet but they have all the specs for the other cars.
  25. yet its chunkier than chunky chicken soup...

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