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  1. How about this for the discussion of more power=more speed:

    Suppose a car has 800hp and can do 200mph, limited by the engine's maximum speed.

    If that car had 1200hp it could still only do 200mph, limited by the engine's maximum speed.

    So, power alone will not ALWAYS give more speed- gearing must be considered. Thats at least part of the reason some cars with a lot of power are not fast as similar cars with less power.
  2. More power/larger powerband allows larger gears. Car companies aren't dumb enough to load on the power, and forget about gearing.
  3. Damn it... yes it will. For example: take the production record for a stock faired motorcycle (recorded at the Salt Flats I believe)... a stock Hayabusa, ~158 whp, .314 CdA, 190 mph top speed... add turbo and 1500 cc big bore kit, ~352 whp, same .314 CdA and lift values (usually about nil for a bike)... 250 mph. It's just math, dude. Until you have SO much horsepower that you can actually spin the wheels against the aero drag (the reason that EXTREMELY fast wheel driven land speed cars are four wheel drive) adding power WILL increase the top speed... the laws of physics still apply.

    I'm not disagreeing that that lowering the CdA of the vehcile isn't a better solution... I'm just saying adding power will get the required effect. Why did it take 10 years for VAG... er 'Bugatti' to make the Veyron? Poor engineering... simple as that! Poor aerodynamics for a car intended for 400+ kph! Why didn't they go tandem and lower the frontal area... why didn't THEY lower the drag through simple design benchmarking? For example, the much cheeper and shorter developed Opel Eco-Speedster (17 speed records) could achieve the Veyron's top speed on just over 400 bhp... AND have a better power-to-weight ratio in the same spec., and thus would not require the difficulty in developing and packaging a massive, bespoke engine.

    Finally, back to my original point on downforce and stability... if you're already making 200 kg. at 250 mph, then you've got c. 217 kg at 260... it also raises at the square of speed. Need more stability? Add more downforce. Le Mans cars back in the late 1980's would repeat 240-250 top speeds on the old (chicane-less) Mulsanne over-and-over-and-over again (for 24 hours straight) without incident... passing cars with a 100+ mph defecit to themselves. Downforce in those cars at that time? About 4000 lbs @ 240 mph.
  4. the slr is an intelligent car. It competes with cars like the upcoming rapide, the 612, the panorama etc. mclaren wasnt right comparo though mclaren doesnt associate with this anymore. they help with cars because of their formula one experience but they dont have egotistical plans like volkswagen with the veyron.
  5. Difference between the speeds, it's all about a straight testingground, Veyron was tested on a totally straight runway (407km/h)

    Koenigsegg say the CCR will do 400km/h, but "only" made 388km/h, because they tested it on nardo, and it is constantly turning, so the car has it's tires a little turned in and that creates friction & therefore a slower speed.

    Test the CCR where the Veyron was tested, i think atleast it would hit 400km/h.
  6. True, but I beg to differ on several things. Firstly, the SLR wasn't meant to compete with coupes since, quite simply, it isn't one (like the Rapide, which hasn't been approved for production, and the 612; the 612's upcoming competition would be the Espada and the Panamerica). As for the "intelligent" comment, I don't like the idea of switching the original concept's V10 for a supercharged V8, as Mercedes chose to do, and then mating it to a 5-speed automatic. That was just ridiculous.
  7. 387.87 kph = 242.42 mph
  8. 245 with top gear spoil is it better than a bugatti????????
  9. My friend, power is never irrelevant. However, the faster you go, the more power is required to achieve each mph. If you wanna look at it from a "physics" standpoint, the limit of the power goes to infinity much faster than the speed.
  10. well...saleen s7TT is defenetly faster at 0-60
  11. Top Gear Lap times

    Koneigsegg CCX with additional spoiler - 117.6

    * however with this spoiler it is unlikly the CCX could get past 240 mph
  12. For kmph to mph multiply by o.621
  13. the veyron can't acellarate 0-60 mph for 2.5 seconds
  14. That is the thing, people are going to hear about the car if it is THE fastest production car on the planet,

    no one talks very much about the second fastest.

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