How Ferrari spins (article/rant)

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lucky strike, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. We need more stats goddammit.
  2. Ok this is still going on? Deserve its own pdf.
  3. pathatic asian, if she was italian from maranello she will cut 0.00004 sec from that time
  4. ferrari just trolls its own fanboys
  5. +1
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  7. Yeah, I think you have to post your stats though.
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    Can't wait for some dumb owner in a stock 458 to try and take on a stock MP4 and get completely raped. It's not like the MP4 would even have been released from development if McLaren didn't know it to be faster than a stock 458 = correct because the McL has NO other assets what so ever over the 458 ... have a look - of all its competitors the McL looks the worst and the sound is nothing special
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    what a silly kid you are
  16. Where am I wrong?
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    except that would never happen

    no 458 owner will ever reproduce a 1:28 lap time on that track, and no MP4 owner will ever reproduce a 1:30 lap time on that track.

    Can't wait for some dumbass 458 owner try to take on a dumbass MP4 owner, it should be a fun race, wherever it is.
  18. what about everything except the fact the mclaren is better/faster than the 458
  19. Rather have the rereading it looks and sounds better, don't care if its slower and has worse seats or something

  20. supertest 2005 was surely in good conditions, because was in half may (16-17 and 18 if I aremeber as well) and was a nice spring day (
    ok for fuel comparo, I'll post soon
  21. First CAR magazine and now evo, camparo at the Bedford Autodrome:

    458: 1.19.3

    MP3: 1.20.6

    Som it didn't help much that McL brought another press car ....It looks like a Kia, it sounds like a Kia, its less involving to drive and it has steel brakes instead of CCM. Now its proved also to be slower. But hey its still a great car. Having its ass kicked by the best car ever made is not a shame.
  22. Exactly, that's what most people do after they have driven the McL. It's a pity. It had great potential, great technology but it leaves people cold...
  23. this Pronto virgin sounds like he has a bus pass

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