How Ferrari spins (article/rant)

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  1. pretty much every car show on tv here is sponsored by car companies, so they give positive reviews of even the shittiest cars(i'm talking about kia, hyundai etc.)
  2. chris harris is a pretty big name.

    hopefully if enough big hitters in motoring journalism tell them to stfu, companies will stop acting like dickheads.
  3. there're only 2 answer
    1. every mnfrs sometimes give cars with extra-power, not Ferray only..
    2. this article (from Uk) has a strange sense of timing: exactly during the Mp4-12C's launch.... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  4. #$%#ing lol
  5. It's not just about the power of the test cars in question. It's the tactics used by Ferrari to ensure the best possible outcome:
    - threatening owners who might submit their private cars for testing
    - sending a small team of engineers and F1/development drivers to fettle the car in multiple cases
    Who else, besides Ferrari, does this? I mean, you look at GM and Porsche, whose Corvettes and Turbos/GT3s have been taking it up the ass the past couple years by the GT-R. Yet, they still send the cars for comparison testing, still unaccompanied by engineers and development drivers.
    When you combine this with the power issue, then it's undoubtedly a black eye for Ferrari. It's hard to argue to the contrary.

    The timing is not strange. There was never before an MP4-12C to compare against the 458, the benchmark for the class. Now there is. But Harris has made note of Ferrari's paranoia and threatening tactics even before the McLaren launch.
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  7. Attention whore..
  8. All Car magazines should just start mentioning these acts done by Ferrari and refuse to put anything about Ferrari in their websites and magazines until Ferrari and other manufacturers stop doing the B.S they are doing regarding testing customer cars, fettling with their cars before comparos, etc.
  9. Yeah he is but he has a good point.

    I will always remember the track test for french's Sport Auto.

    Scuderia vs ZR1 on Spa.

    The ZR1 came by the road from germany. The Scuderia (s) were brought in an official ferrari truck full of engineers.

    They insisted going on and on till the scud was quicker than the ZR1...
  10. Really? I didnt even know about that. do you have a link or a scan of the article mentioning that?
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  12. oh, and Chris Harris is pretty awesome. He definitely knows his shit.
  13. Self-promo via trolling, that's what he's doing. lol and he called the MX5 shit. Please.
  14. you must admit that he loves the smell of his own farts.

    I can love the guy as much as I want to punch him.

    That why I like him
  15. lol riiiight
  16. Every manufacturer has done this at one time or another. Perhaps not in quite as controlling a manner, but back in the 60's GM was pulling some quite crazy shit with Car and Driver. There were definite ringers and GM pulled all advertising in the magazines made by the publishing company after a particularly scathing review of the Opel Kadett. I'm sure Nissan wasn't being 100% honest with the latest GT-R 100% of the time, either.
  17. Harris is just trying to make a big name in automotive journalism. He claims that a 360 Modena test car -13 years ago?- did 0-100 mph in 2" lower than the mass-production car. 2 seconds requires EXTENSIVE modifications.. He claims that one of the best fun cars is an E30 (note, this can be just a 316i..) with a worn out tires! I mean, give me a #$%#ing break, a Datsun 120Y can be even more fun then! I don't doubt that Ferrari is trying to appear the best in tests or even bribing (...) magazines but why doesn't he say anything about Porsche?? Oh no.. it's his beloved company and their engineers and marketeers really show integrity in every test. Who? Porsche? Yeah right.. Guys, get real. The guy is trollin big time. After this article, in combination with the MX5 bashing article, he is an auto-journalist of no value to me.
  18. Do you have a link to the MX5 article?
  19. Great that Chris has the balls to write about it, but I do not see this changing in the near future.

    Ferrari has such a strong aspiring brand, do you believe that the automotive press will ever decide to completely exclude Ferrari's in their road test articles and such? They won't, because they need to sell magazines and they can't afford to give Ferrari the cold shoulder.
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  21. i find him pretty annoying tbh - which only really cements the strength of his arguments/opinions as i dont want to listen to them most of the time.
  22. idk why I laughed, but I did. Probably because it's true.
  23. Too bad ATS wasn't as successful as the other two, I'd love to see what they'd be producing today if they survived.
  24. Good post kid

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