How Ferrari spins (article/rant)

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  1. To be fair, let's give McLaren the opportunity to
    1) Threaten action against customers/editors who submit/use private cars for testing
    2) Change out wheel sizes at one end (and not the other) for the expressed purposed of gaining more tire width and thus reduce a hopelessly incurable understeering situation
    3) Provide their own fuel on track in a group comparo while others are content to drink what is presumably the required fuel from any public pump
    4) Provide customer cars that are almost invariably slower than press cars in a straight line.

    Ron Dennis may be as cold and sterile as the MP4-12C, but there's still time yet to learn from a true master (who remains unmatched on all counts listed above).
  2. i've no problem to give them a chance
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  3. Well yeah they prob put twin nitrouses and slicke tyres for a faster lap time
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  6. This is impressive.

    The 458 has won ALL tests over the MP4. The Ferrari has been quicker than the MP4 on ALL tracks where they have been tested head to head. Suddenly the MP4 is faster than a Veyron SuperSport, a Gumpert Apollo, a Zonda F etc ....Ohh yes Ferrari are manipulating with their press cars....ha ha ha...Very trustworthy.
  7. Suddenly nothing. Virtually all cars are 3s quicker at Dunsfold than Bedford.

    A GT2 runs 1:19.5 on the TG track, a GT2 RS only runs 1:19.9 at Bedford, the GT2 only 1:23.

    An Apollo S runs 1:17.1 at TG and 1:19.4 at Bedford.

    A 2008 GTR ran 1:23 at Bedford and just under 1:20 at TG.

    A Scuderia runs 1:19.7 at TG and 1:21.7 at Bedford (only 1:22.5 without tyre pressure adjustment).

    An LP670 runs 1:19 at TG and 1:21.3 at Bedford.

    M600 - 1:17.7 at TG, 1:20.8 at Bedford.

    CGT - 1:19.8 at TG, 1:23 at Bedford.

    LP560 - 1:19.5 at TG, 1:22.5 at Bedford.

    LP640 - 1:19.8 at TG, 1:22.9 at Bedford.

    Caterham R500 - 1:17.9 at TG, 1:20.2 at Bedford.

    Ariel Atom - 1:19.5 at TG, 1:21.5 at Bedford.

    Merc SLS - 1:21.6 at TG, 1:24.55 at Bedford.

    R8 4.2 - 1:24.4 damp at TG, 1:26.5 at Bedford.

    Aston DBS - 1:23.9 at TG, 1:26.4 at Bedford.

    A 1:16 is exactly what you would expect from a car running 1:19 at bedford. The stats put McLaren in the clear! Let's not forget that the MP4 was only 0.1s slower than a Veyron SS on Autocar's Dry Handling track despite it being damp.

    The real question is how a car running 1:19.3 on Bedford only makes 1:19.1 at Dunsfold. For a 1:19.3 Bedford time, you'd expect 1:19.1 even in the wet at Dunsfold. Even throwing in a second for the new tyres, it's still a mile out.

    "A GT2 runs 1:19.5 on the TG track, a GT2 RS only runs 1:19.9 at Bedford"

    ^This adequately describes how different the Bedford 458 must have been to the real thing.
  8. LOL @ lap time arguments.
  9. seriously, who gives a shit

    this is the reason why Ferrari hasn't built a good looking car in 20 years
  10. Pronto and Guibo?
  11. No, try Pront and Ferrari. Check my post near the beginning.

    "By posting all of this, you are supporting Harris's claim: that Ferrari are genuinely concerned about their image if their cars are fractionally slower than others (even though their explanation in the past, and very reasonable I might add, has been that Ferraris 'are not about numbers, but the experience')"
  12. I wouldn't want a ferraro anyway
    Don't wanna be labeled as a ****/FAGGOT/HOMOSEXUAL

  13. Don't know if I'd agree on looks but they certainly haven't built anything as great as the F40 in 25 years.
  14. F50, you n00b.
  15. ^What he said.
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    this is the most impresvie car i'v seen in my life, apart from the veyron.
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    You're late.
  20. ^ Ah... I see. Still a good summary of both cars.

  21. is this end of this thread?

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