How gay are you? Gay-O-Meter

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. have links stopped workin for everyone else too?
  2. 23%. They say I have to loosen up, i.e. be a metro. That test is innapropriate for mens, it's for sissies.
  3. Roger is 25% gay, just to straight for this modern times. WTF?!
  4. Links are gay for me too.
  5. fixed.
  6. The forum software normally ads HTMl to posts where approperate (e.g. for line breaks, smilies, links) but it seems to be up and down anymore. This new software is totally f*cked...
  7. Im 16% gay, Thats #%$, I wanna be 0% gay! It says im too straight,, you can never be too straight, plus I wanna be 100% straight , what a #%$ test!

    Hang the gay #%$s!
  8. why cant we say Fagg here?
  9. When it was "calculating" I thought that meter was saying I was 100% gay, but it turns out it's 13%.
  10. 16%

    you're a walking, talking, red-blooded hetero guy. Just way to straight for these modern times mate
  11. "HUSTON! We have a moron!"
  12. ya but your gayer than me
  13. Before it gives you the results if goes all the way to 100% and I was like "Oh f*ck, I'm screwed!"

    ...anyways I'm also 23% gay apparently.
  14. Ya, but you're 12.
  15. And that begs the question, your point is? Even if I was a gay, so what?
  16. no 20, but thanks for the compliment
  17. If you arent ashamed of being gay(not saying you are), then you have issues, now goodbye sally
  18. erik is 13%.
  19. If you're 20 you should really be embarassed since your brain development is about the same as a slow 12 year old.
  20. haha, i got a bit worried too.
  21. good job vader!
  22. 30% as well.

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