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  1. i am an athiest, accpet it or not, i don't believe in heaven or hell. Im straight, and also accept gays, because they are members of society too, and all the forbidding gays is meaningless because they will not go away.

    And recently in society, ministers and priests in the church have been resorting to paedophilia and homosexual activity because the church forbids what is natural, and they eventually go the other way.

    If anyone wants to question my orientation, feel free to take it up with my fist.
  2. the presbyterian church (allows married ministers) has had problems with pedophilia among married, straight ministers.

    pedophilia and homosexual activity has nothing to do w/ celibacy. and most priests wouldnt want it any other way. ask them.
  3. 23%. Meh.
  4. it's those catholics that go for little boys, theres numerous cases were catholic teachers and preists in schools and churches have molested boys.
  5. less than 1/2 of 1% of priests commit such acts. dont demonize the vast majority for the #$%#ed up few. and as i pointed out, its hardly just catholics. they're just the ones you hear about these days, because the media is awesome.
  6. You guys are all weak, and let the media control your thoughts.

    I will never let the jews( liberal media) control or change my mind on gays

    Im Firmly standing here in my position " I will not tolerate gays"!

    Thats it! The End! Like it or not!
  7. The Jews own you.

    EDIT: Also, I'm not aware of an anti-human rights media source, unless BuickGNXkillsALL lives in Podunk, West Virgina or something.
  8. good lord you are pathetically racist. not only do you hate over 90% of muslims because your family (and you) is stupid, but you are anti-semetic, and a self-repressive homosexual.

    you have some issues, my friend. BEYOND your lack of intelligence.

    the SIMPLE solution (and best for the rest of us) is you getting banned.
  9. No it doesnt, moron!

    One is essential to live...chopping down trees to build a house, or driving a car( to get from your home to your occupation, or other). But gay is something extra, and not necessary at all. To Reproduce you need a man and a woman , OK!

    3 things you need in life, .....and 1 that is necessary for life to continue!

    Food, Clothing , Shelter .....and the ability to Reproduce!

    That is all!!

    You need to drive to your work, in order to earn mnoney in order to live, because living costs money , buying shelter, food, clothing.

    cutting down trees( to build shelter, to live)

    Being gay falls in no such category

    So be quiet! I just told you how it is irrelevant.

    No for the argument saying that being gay is wrong. Yoy dont have to believe it. I think in worldly manners it is not natural, and my Religion(Christianity) it is even more intolerable.

    So say what you want. I am against it! and If you stop letting this stupid liberal media affect you, you will too realize it isnt normal, still disagree FINE!. but stop arguing with me about why I dont like gays, I just told you!
  10. where does Christianity say BEING gay is wrong?

    and we already know why you dont like gays. you're gay yourself.
  11. Humans survived for hundreds of thousands of years without driving to work, earning money, cutting down trees, and producing clothing, everything else is just a convenience and is not necessary for survival. Seriously, with your mindset you should be living in a cave, naked, and hunting for food with a stick.
  12. You have a serious comprehension problem...The media is controlled by jews(fact) (how is that racist, Idiot!)

    also the muslim story is in another thread, and yes over 90% of mid east muslims are extremist( Oh and dont even think about saying I am racist, because, I know this for a fact, I have lived there and My family and friends (consisting of hundreds of people) agree, they are like that, Look at the Koran, their true religion is extreme, once again you prove to be a moron!

    If anyone should get banned it is you! The reason is:

    I know how muslims are(that is why I am putting them in a certain category)

    I know that jews control the media(that is also why I am putting em in a certain category)

    But you my friend are calling my family stupid, when you dont know anything about em!

    So quit while you are ahead, and save me the trouble and SHUTTUP!!
  13. What media? All media? Media is #$%#ing broad, you dipshit.
  14. Maybe before jumping to conclusions , you shopuld research what I just said, smart ass! The media is controlled by jews, especially hollywood.
  15. Research? I guess living it for the past 22 years isn't good enough research. I've gone through local TV, radio, and now national news, and the media isn't "controlled" by anyone. What kind of "research" have you done?
  16. I cant belive how slow you are... STop flip flopping like kerry!

    Driving to work, earning money , and all that is what you currently need to do to survive, Moron! You asked about what about those things, then I answered them, now you change the question about the same thing.

  17. if it's a fact, prove that the jews control the media.

    prove that 90% of muslims are extreme. what common belief(s) of the majority of islam makes them extremist? since your family and friends agree, they must have a good reason, besides some shit about lebanon. because clearly lebanon is not North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, or Indonesia, so i dont see how you can make such a huge claim when your slim little window of "experience" speaks for like .1% of the muslim world.

    ill call you and your family stupid till the cows come home if you cant prove that most muslims are extremists. because then that just makes them lying fools or as stupid as you.

    prove it, and we'll all shut up. but then again you've never proven a thing.
  18. Im tired of writing essays for you guys... ALL Im gonna say is. The whole world knows it is run by jews, Thats right the whole world!

    Hollywood is run by jews,gays and liberals,
  19. Hollywood is complete bullshit anyway, it doesn't matter who "controls" it. Everyone knows that you have to take anything that comes out of Hollywood with a fraction of a grain of salt.

    Now, I'd like you to tell me all about the media, so I can prove everything you say wrong.
  20. How about , you read the Koran, and prove yourself wrong!

    How about Lebanon having the most Christians in an arab country , and still the muslims there are extreme, now go to a country like saudi arabia, where if you steal , they cut off your hands(tell me is that extreme?) Ok excactly my point shuttup already!

    The people there have the mentality that whatever isnt muslim, they hate!

    You can watch many documentaries, Tell me what can I provide to you that they are extreme? Nothing. If you see it with your own eyes( Like I have) then you will know, I cant prove shit, because you need to experience it for yourself. But I can give you my word, If you dont accept it, then screw you!

    the only proof i can say is, talk to someone that has lived there.
  21. Im gonna just say this to both of you:

    Ask someone who has lived in an arab country: how muslims in the mid east think.

    and ask someone else(get a 2nd opinion) about if the jews control the media or not

    I am arguing all on my own, do something and ask someone else of you dont believe me!

  22. I like how you always leave in the middle of a discussion because you can't support yourself. You're a winner.
  23. I vote BuickGNXKillsALL for king of the land of dumb.
  24. Its called I have priorities, and have to get rest for school..

    This isnt close to being an important priority of mine, so quiet..
    as for "fast man"s remark: I decline the nomination you give me!

    No Big Rob my post before this: Read it and put it into use. It is the answers to yours and communistas questions.

  25. You didn't answer anything, you just keep posting your same stupid invalid opinions, which are based in nothing.

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