How gay are you? Gay-O-Meter

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. How am I winning by 20%. I know I am gay, but come on. There has to be someone here who is at least close to me, or beats me. Wow. Oh well.
  2. Because Veyronman didn't take the test yet, he'll score major points because he plucks his eyebrows.
  3. 33%, I'm fabulous.
  4. NB, you and I kick ass...
  5. all 3 of you should merge.
  6. they do... from what i hear

    im 13%
  7. 26% Gay here..
  8. Update

    66% bimmer
    46% Finger Eleven
    43% diablo roadster
    40% FireRed
    33% Igol F40GTE
    33% NB
    33% Porsche996Turbo
    30% BOBITRON
    30% SLP Camaro SS
    28% 996 911 Turbo
    26% MooSquad
    26% Skizzer150
    25% R G
    25% rs4man
    23% CTR2Luva
    23% Scentless Apprentice
    23% stewacide
    23% xDRANOx
    16% BuickGNXkillsALL
    16% Porsche addict
    16% Robot Jim
    16% Unregistered
    13% 4 the man
    13% Blackface
    13% BowtielZBetter
    13% markzila
    13% Ssa rM
    00% 944turbO
  9. Where is BuikGNXkillsALL?
  10. He's out having hot, sweaty man-sex with some cheap trick he picked up at Applebees.
  11. That's cold blooded lol
  12. Applebees has great ribs, those honey barbecue are really tasty..I didn't think it was a gay pick up joint though..*shrugs*
  13. 10% for me! To straight fo these modern times...yeah alright fuuck that I rule
  14. F11, DR, FR, Igol, NB and Bobitron are more gay than me, and aren't gay. funny.
  15. i got 16%, then i answered every question as gay as possible and it only said 80%.....
  16. It's people like you who make the world a worse place. Have you ever really sat down and THOUGHT about what's so evil about homosexuality? Or do you just hate it because other people hate it and you were told to hate it?
  17. That's weird, aren't you bi? I would think it should be higher.

    I got 26%, and no, I won't loosen up, "mate", and don't act as if I'm Australian!
  18. mate isnt even an australian word.
  19. It's certainly used in other countries, but it's stereotypically Australian, people usually associate it with Australia...
  20. Zach is 16% gay.

    LOL... i also got very scared when it first went up to 100%!
  21. Yeah, same here!
  22. Shut it closet queer
  23. is your name Zach too?

    and big rob... are you serious?

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