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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Yeah, it's not normal, but it isn't exactly doing any damage or anything bad. As long as it doesn't really affect you, why should you hate it so much?
  2. sorry but I dont belive you pal!

    and if you taking about "have you seen a dog hump another male dog?"

    it isnt gay, its called, the dog is dumb. For Godd sakes they hump human legs and trees. doesnt make em gay.
  3. No, it's true, some animals are gay. In monkey society, the male shows dominance by mounting another male.
  4. I saw a whole doc' one day about homosexuality in animals. I'm pretty sure it exists...
  5. Sorry but I dont believe it. Im serious when I say this, it could be jewish games. Even if you provide proof from websites, I will always have a doubt in my mind that it is true
  6. I knew there would be athiest morons like you here, that is why I also wrote " even if you arent religious, it is wrong because it is unnatural and not normal."

    But like it or not there is a God!
  7. Homosexual acceptance is making it OK to be a little ***** pussy, which is wrong. Men need to be men, they need to drink beer, cut down trees, hunt animals, and hit their wives, not squirm away at the sight of dirt because it might ruin their new $150 Ralph Lauren metro shirt.
  8. Even if you provide proof from websites, I will always have a doubt in my mind that it is true. God existing that is.
  9. have you ever seen a horse or a bull try to hump a tree or a human leg?
  10. You are an extremely stubborn person.
  11. I saw a whole doc' one day about homosexuality in animals. I'm pretty sure it exists...

    To answer both of you...Im telling you guys, Its all jewish games, the Tv is controlled by jews.

    Hollywood is 3 things

    Jewish, Liberal, and gay!

    There you go!
  12. No twirly ted! I said a dog, maybe horses do something else.
  13. same concept as this quote!

    Id rather have a gun and not need it. Then to not have a gun, and need it.

    Id rather be christian and live a christian life for no reason(according to you no reason)and there is no after life(again according to you), then to live a dirty sinful life and be too late when you die and find out there is a God!
  14. You are so sure of God existence, yet you will never believe that animals can form long lasting homosexual relationships.. believeing what you want to believe, what the church tells you to believe. you are a a perfect example of a sheep.. God probably is very frustrated with you. you took His Word to serious.. you know who else takes the Word of God to serious? AL-F*CKIN-QUEDA. and as it turns out, you might have more in common with them then you may think.
  15. i'm not talking about what i saw in the tv i'm talking about what i've seen with my both eyes
  16. what do you have against jews?
  17. Yes I am sure of Gods existance and I am sure that homosexuality is a choice, and that you cannot put the place of humans and animals together. how can a family be raised, a man and a woman.

    anyways Al quida is muslim, and their god is a god of hate, When Jesus is a God of love(and that doesnt mean he will not let bad things happen) Thats like blaming spoons for making rosie O donnel fat!
  18. also, there is a gay goose at our Governor-General's mansion. its partner recently died, and it wouldn't do anything with female geese. eventually, they found another gay goose and brought it up here.
  19. BuickGNX, you act as if everything you say is true and needs no support. Everything you say is so empty. You basically just need to say "no" or "yes" while replying to people because everything you write is just an extended version of that.
  20. nothing, if you dont know the term jewish games, then look it up. and example of jewish games is a boxing match Tyson vs Foreman, and in 5 seconds Tyson KOs Forman. That is a jewish game, the jews bribed or did something with money, basically they control a lot of the things that go on in the entertainment industry(Hollywood)
  21. You do realize that according to a Muslim the christian god is a god of hate as well, right? You religious idiots, when will you open the door and see the infinite contradictions.
  22. youve danced around every point ive made, but never confront them fully.. and BTW, Muslims worship the God of Abraham.. i wonder then who your God could be, regardless of who His "son" might be.
  23. God of hate? like the punishing one in the 1st part of the bible?
  24. 6%
    you flamers
  25. uh, mods? can someone put in a ban request?

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