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  1. well the things am argueing about cannot have REAL proof, they are thos type of subjects, They are debateable subjects, No one can say Yes it is true, even though I believe 100% that there is a God, by worldly matters I can never really prove that he does exist!
  2. I love this job more than I love taffy. And I'm a man who enjoys his taffy.
  3. sorry buddy, I dont believe it! Man and Female = family. Nothing else, even if there is gay animals, which I dont believe. Its not that convincing. because they are animals, they dunno what they are dooing, they dont have the ability to choose right from wrong, the difference is Humans do.
  4. If what you talk about has no REAL proof, then get the **** off of you dolt.
  5. Umm ya. are u guys dumb or something? If your dad punishes you. Does he hate you. No in fact he does that because He loves you. Just let that one sink in!
  6. I'm so un-gay it wont even let me take the test.
  7. i can tell you, i'm bisexual and i sure as hell didn't wake up one day and say "i want to be different and part of a commonly harassed minority group"
  8. They do, but as their Koran advances, it is actually another god.

    So are you saying thatits the same god?

    (christian)our God says: you can only go to heaven if you repent your sins. The only thing you need to do

    their god says: you need to go to mecca, celebrete ramadaan, 5 times a day face mecca and bow down and out loud announce your faith.

    How is that the same God?
  9. family has nothing to do with homosexuality.

    you still have no support while we have scientifical fact.

    you do realize you're making an idiot out of yourself right? you do realize that nobody respects your intelligence? hell, you have no intelligence to respect.
  10. WHAT? the bible says all you need to do to get into heaven is believe in jesus and his sacrifice.
  11. My dad hates me.

    Thats not the point, if your god is a god of love why do you speak of jews like that ? christ was a jew
  12. both dont have Real prrof, In fact you can nevere REALLY prove anything in life, have you taken philosophy? You can mae an argument that says I dont really exist. So Learn what I mean, then jump to conclusions, Just because they say that doesnt mean it isnt true or it is! I hate the philisophical arguments like that, but Thats the rules, like it or not!
  13. dont talk to me you are bi!
  14. bro shuttup your avatar is john lennon!
  15. Well, if you remember the God of the Jews said that they had to follow rules as well.
  16. you are impossible, you dont even know what I mean when I say jewish games, It doesnt matter if its a jew or not, Im not talking about jews as a reace. Jewish games means, thinsg controlled in certain industries, by jews with high positions, because only he jews have that much power to do things of that sort!
  17. **** philosophy. I know plenty of things, I know you're a person because you're arguing with me. If you want to try to be smart and argue that then you take some shit too seriously. Don't lie to yourself, you can't argue fact, and the genes for homosexuality were found on the human genome. Shutup you fucking tool.
  18. Yes, my avatar is John Lennon. Thank you for reminding me.
  19. But what's so wrong about homosexuality? That's the question. Just because it's not normal? A lot of things aren't normal, but it doesn't make it wrong.
  20. so youre saying Abraham was polytheistic.. The father of all belief in God was polytheistic. yet he'll go to Heaven.. how very fickle of God, dont you think? i suppose if you can be polthesistic and still go to Heaven, im positive you can be homosexual and still go to Heaven. put that idea on your noodle for a minute.
  21. Go back a few pages, I explained why it was bad.
  22. "Homosexual acceptance is making it OK to be a little ***** pussy, which is wrong. Men need to be men, they need to drink beer, cut down trees, hunt animals, and hit their wives, not squirm away at the sight of dirt because it might ruin their new $150 Ralph Lauren metro shirt."

    Is that the explaination?
  23. Yes. I guess it's not being homosexual, more the acceptance of homosexuality.
  24. I know! Im saying that is the way arguments work, because of Philosophy, thats why people can make in valid claims, but if the conclusion is right the argument can be valid, even if all is false


    my dog can fly
    my dog is a deltoid
    my deltoid can fly

    Its valid, but totally untrue OK!

    I believe that I am real and you are real, but I am merely saying that people can argue against that. OK!!!

    Now damnit listen to me Liberal Lennon!

    If you are a logical person you can see that gay is wrong and is not found in animals, those very few incidents are so minor they dont even count, Its like I said , the male dog humps anything, so if it happened to hump another male dog, doesnt make it gay. Or the governors gay goose(somebody mentioned earlier) It isnt gay, you cant be gay and start a true family. If an animal happened to have sex with an animal of the same sex, doesnt make it gay, It is an animal, it doesnt have the brain capacity to know what it is doing is right or wrong! Basically...It doesnt do it intentioanlly!

    But for humans, you know right from wrong, it is on you if you make a homosexual decision or not, thats why it is wrong!

    Not natural

    cannot reproduce

    negative and negaitive dont stick, it is positive and negative always

    Religiously started it is wrong, on a number of different religions

    If you see gay behaviour and you are a child, you dont know religion and dont know anything yet about life. You will feel that it is wrong from inside, your conscience will tell you!

    The End

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