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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. You know I have came up with my own explanation of that, which makes sense. You have to love every one right? But you are allowed to hate their sins

    For gays however their gay sin is also in their personality, and their personality is who they are, so therefore (If you still follow me) I can hate gays. LOL .......anyways I am telling you what the bible says, I am not perfect either. I dont wanna judge or anything, but me hating a group of people I believe is a lot less wrong than living a gay lifestyle.(not trying to judge)
  2. Guess I hate feminine behavior in men,

    You cant explain why all the time..
    I mean why is there gravity, why was Bill clinton president?, why do bluberries grow? It just does.

    LOL ^ dumb examples
  3. No judging a person(or in this case a group of persons) is no worse than commiting any other sin. But your justification for your hate is a little far fetched and seems to be grasping in desperation for a legitimate reason that isn't there. The predominate message of the New Testament is love. Not hate. When we love others we begin to see things from their point of view, and though we still may disagree we have learned something valuable...tolerance and acceptance.
  4. Still, it doesn't make it right either.
  5. I certainly dont think hating is worse than commiting sick perverse sexual acts.

    and I gotta go to the gym, and watch hot girls work out.

  6. Call it what you want to as your mind is already made up, but what you think(or I, or anyone else) isn't always right. So as long as you realize that in hating gays you yourself are committing a sin, I guess we are done. Have fun at the gym(be careful to commit to lustful thoughts of those "hot" girls). Later.
  7. I'm pretty sure you already said that. :p
  8. 23%. I need to loosen my edges.
  9. Too late!
  10. Just wanted to say that, as the Welsh Springer Spaniel of my grandparents happens to be gay, I feel truly sorry for the male-dogs he's trying to hump in the forest.
  11. Update #2

    90% Big Rob
    66% bimmer
    46% Finger Eleven
    43% diablo roadster
    40% CitroenSM
    40% FireRed
    35% TimmyMcOwnsYou
    33% FerrariAKL
    33% Igol F40GTE
    33% NB
    33% Porsche996Turbo
    30% BOBITRON
    30% SLP Camaro SS
    28% 996 911 Turbo
    26% Carguy8007
    26% MooSquad
    26% Skizzer150
    26% theHonk
    25% R G
    25% rs4man
    23% BMWspd
    23% CTR2Luva
    23% Scentless Apprentice
    23% stewacide
    23% xDRANOx
    20% marcusmv3
    16% BuickGNXkillsALL
    16% DontMessWithTexas1
    16% iampingpong
    16% lay zkid
    16% Porsche addict
    16% Robot Jim
    16% supercarfreak123
    16% Unregistered
    13% 4 the man
    13% Blackface
    13% BowtielZBetter
    13% markzila
    13% Ssa rM
    10% 205T16 EVO
    06% Fluchtwagen
    00% 944turbO
  12. Shut the f(_)CK UP BuickGNX or I'm going the smash your face with a shovel. On a totally unrelated subject can I have your home adress?
  13. Smash him with your dick!
  14. LOL I'm at 43%!
    I got so scared when the bar first went all the way too 100% while it was loading haha
  15. LOL, Me to!!!
  16. If that 100% was my score, I can't imagine myself being scared about it, though happy is another word. I actually show up in gaybars every now and then, just for the atmosphere. Never pubfights there.
  17. 123 fake street, winchestertonfulville, Iowa
  18. if i am correct, the gay condeming thing is in the old testament.
  19. No, Paul also talks about it in the NT (although I dont think that Jesus said anything about it).
  20. can you give me the quote?
  21. Do you really need it? He talks about it in Acts I think... hold on, my bible computer program comes in handy.

    1st corinthians
    6:9 not inherit the kingdom of God. Cf. Jn 3:3-5. sexually immoral. Paul here identifies three kinds of sexually immoral persons: adulterers, male prostitutes and males who practice homosexuality. In Ro 1:26 he adds the category of females who practice homosexuality. People who engage in such practices, as well as the other offenders listed in vv. 9-10, are explicitly excluded from God's kingdom (but see next note).

    1:27 Homosexual practice is sinful in God's eyes. The OT also condemns the practice (see Lev 18:22).

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