How GAY are you?

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How gay are you?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Still I denial eh? You're a solid 7
  3. I'm a solid 3. I am 100% into vag.
    But if a fellow walks by with two cantaloupes for a rump, I can definitely get caught up taking him in.....
  4. Well well. Every day's a school day.
  5. default is a 0

    for $50, 3

    for $200, 11
  6. I am not in denial, but you are solid idiot for sure.
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  7. It's called humor. Try it sometime.
  8. Lolz
  9. Only $200 for an 11?

    Pretty good value, tbh.
  10. I voted 3 because I'm confident in my sexuality and 1 would be, like, not even hugging your man-friends.
  11. 8.5-8.6 but no higher. :p
  12. parenthood's pretty gay. full-blown 9.0
  13. i went 2 units of gay. I don't experience attractions to men at all but i don't think i'm put off by naked man bits or anything like that. i think we can coexist.
  14. I will be honest with you, I have lost a parent two years ago and an aunt as well, you think that I am wanting to joke ? I am still mourning and grieving their death till that day.
  15. Two years ago? It's time to let go and move forward.
    Let's have lunch and talk this through over discussion of fine watches and fountain pens.
  16. I try to move on but it isn't easy. As I said to you before, write me a pm when you are in Paris and I will invite you to lunch
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  17. I really want this to happen
  18. How can one dine with something that isn't real?
  19. meat him chris!
  20. I'm staying in Montmartre. Lets go see some tits.
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  21. Can't you see this man is in pain over his loss? I've lost a parent too and it's pretty fUcking real to me too
  22. I know a lovely 2-star hotel in Montmartre.

    Moo and I shared a bed.
  23. Yes thread is delivering.

    I remember seeing basman's photo in a collage like 10 years ago. I thought he was kinda cute.

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