How GAY are you?

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How gay are you?

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  1. 996911turbo set some paper on fire and dropped it out of the window as some Asian people walked by. I got scared and hid in the bathroom while the man came up and shouted at us
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  2. Whenever I get asked a question like this I get caught in a loop of thought about weather if its actually possible to be honest, or if I'm just reflecting cultural biases. But wait, am I over-correcting for my biases? Oh no!

    But I'm going to guess bottom third, just 'cause I declined the only time I was offered a devil's three-way. Also, I recently (yesterday) learned that I accidentally declined an unrelated three-way years ago that I totally would have been down for if I weren't so oblivious at the time. So that's got my spirits up.
  3. At me, you cowards, haha. Our Canadian enfant terrible was hiding as well.
  4. But seriously, what do I vote? I'm not turned on by men, but sometimes I'm in a mood to listen to Erasure. Would that make me at least a 4?
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  5. It honestly seemed like 5 seconds between azn flambé and the guy knocking on the door. I panicked!
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  6. You were both very fast! Between 996911 going "oh..", you running off into the bathroom, him hiding against a blind spot against the wall and knocking on the door was definitely less than a minute. Luckily his English wasn't very good: "Fire, Fire", that's the point when I offered him a light, he then remembered another word: "No fire". And I just said "ok, no fire, everything's ok" and that was the end of that pretty much.
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  8. Is this a thread for gay music?

  9. It can be now
  10. ................. ermm........... dude......... is this for real?
  11. Yuo europeans open the door for people? I won't even open the door for a boy scout trying to sell me popcorn
  12. I like that option 9 is leading the poll
  13. In reality though probably only like a two. I like my porn dudes to have big dicks because I wish I did. While I can intellectually understand why some dudes like dudes, I can't understand why gay dudes (and straight chicks for that matter) don't want to bang chicks also. I mean, they're chicks! They got boobs and everything!

    My brother grew up totally christian and gays are the devil and all that. Eventually he grew out of it and was fine with the gays but didn't really know any very well. Then he joined the air force and now is pretty much best friends with a hispanic guy who is the shining example of the stereotypical promiscuous gay man. Ohhhh the stories
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    There's actually a whole lot more to this, in terms of evolutionary psychology, than one would immediately expect and the implications have little to do with sexual orientation. But to start just with morphology, there have been a few papers just on the shape of the male organ. Humans have an obnoxiously large penis compared to our closest primate relatives (all human here, ladies), and it really is an unusual shape compared to most mammals. Gorillas, by far the largest primates, have about a one inch penis on average for males of up to, and occationally exceeding, 400lbs in the wild. The reason, as far as the morphologists can tell, is the huge influence that group sex has had on human evolution. In essence, the human penis removes competitors semen before depositing one's own. This is also why males quickly become flaccid after climax, in to avoid removing their own (the first paper to address this was ironically authored by a gay man, but I'll save finding the citation until I get home and feel comfortable googling these words). Human sexuality, both in terms of physical form and psychology, is thus less influenced males competing for the opportunity to mate, and is in turn more influenced by multiple sexual partners competing for reproductive success, at least compared to other primates.

    With respect to evolutionary psychology, this results in an ironic stimulation where heterosexual males are aroused by certain aspects of other males not through an attraction to them, but through a competition instinct with respect to them. This includes, of course, the aspect you mention vis-a-vis the efficiency of removing competing reproductive material (a more aroused male being more capable of competing in this respect). This appears in other aspects of pornography, for instance in surveys which suggest that shemales are viewed almost exclusively by heterosexual males.

    But anyway, that's enough for today on the psychology of dicks.

    tl;dr: your most successful ancestors were well-endowed sloppy seconds.
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  15. Dick experts here, let's all compare our wangs!
  17. This may sound strange for a straight man to write, but dude. You're ruining guys with big dicks for me.
  18. Wait, is Erasure gay?

  19. The engineer wins.

  20. let's gay this place up!

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  22. It was a Parisian hotel room, so yeah, might as well, haha. The whole week was "why not?" tbh
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  23. Love this song
  24. HAhaHA yes, I remember now. You can get away with so much stuff if you don't speak the language hahah

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