How GAY are you?

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How gay are you?

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  1. "how do we get there"
    "no idea"
    "Let's walk.....this way..."

    Essentially the whole week.
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  2. This is why I love Asia so much.
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  3. Apologize for my late reply but yes this is very real.
  4. You can't let that shit rule your life like that. They wouldn't want you to be miserable. More likely they'd be upset to see you so miserable. Enjoy life. Have some laughs.
  5. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate that. But don't worry I am enough busy all the day so it avoids me to think about it, I also try to see friends as much as possible during the week end to change ideas. However the pain still lingers on and it will take a long time till the grief/mourning will be passed.
  6. I understand. I lost a lost a brother a father and two best friends in under a month. It can eat you alive.
    But again you can't let it rule your life. You gotta find the good things and focus on them.
    You're family members would want you to be happy. Find the joy in life. Enjoy the little things. Smile. Laugh. Have fun.
  7. This. Assuming Hemi isn't a second account.
  8. You are correct, life has to be enjoyed
  9. This is my only account
  10. But are you someone else's second?
  11. No, I am not. I am unique and unconventional as I said before.
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  12. but our CLOSEST relatives, the chimpanzee and the bonobo (our yin and yang) both have massssssivvvee ds and bs. The gorilla has a lil guy because he doesnt compete for love, they have a harem system(one male, many females). Female gorillas dont have many lovers.
    chimps and bonobos are promiscuous and and compete sexually. everyone is getting it on the reg, and so size has an evolutionary advantage
  13. I knew they had huge balls. Thought they had small peckers
  14. Harka, can you turn off your safe search and find us a picture to confirm?
    I would but I don't want that in my browser history and you seem less concerned with that
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  15. OK





    Vanilla Ice was right once again

    Glad to be of service
  16. In conclusion,


    So almost exactly 50/50 bisexual, with a slight bias on the gay side.
    The results of this poll support my experience of the site.
  17. Wut, 1 homosexual and 1 straight guy don't make a bisexual on average lol
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