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Discussion in 'Veyronman's Website Forum' started by BaRRa, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. is D50?
  2. Yes, wut lens did you get?
  3. u edited the pic! zomg

    anyway, yeh i got the kit lens

    i (L) D50/Nikon etc
  4. OMG Ghost.

    You should buy a remote too, it is awesome.
  5. i was considering it
  6. Do it.

    OMG ~10 minute exp. = cool star trails.
  7. Holy shit microsoft image resizer butchered that pic.
  8. and the remote enabled you to do that?

    i know of the bulb mode option, but you have to hold your finger on the shutter release for as long as you want the exposure to be...
  9. Yes, bulb with remote = hit button once to open shutter, hit again to close.

    Also, I have a #$%#ing headache.
  10. Westwood!

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