How happy are you with your finances?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MR2T, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. No, no. I'm not worried at all now. I'm taking out a $4,700 loan for my fees for first year (money goes straight from the govt to my university).

    You can take out 'course related costs' too, but I'm not entirely sure how they work it. I might look into it a little more in second year, and try to take out some money and just shove it in my 8.2% savings account.
  2. im happy. i feel i save enough from not indulging in a lot of little things so i can have big things that i'll enjoy more over time. i think i do a good job at balancing this.
  3. What kind of interest rates are you guys paying right now? I still owe $17k at 8 freakin percent!
  4. not happy
  5. Not too happy.
  6. Cant complain.

    Quite a bit of money saved up for a house deposit + going on a 4 week trip to Europe in June

    Full time job i guess

    + No uni debt, paid that off a while ago
  7. Well I borrow about 7500 USD from the govermnet every year I'm studying, so I have a negative cashflow. But I'm not worried about that, my real economic life starts after uni.
  8. I would like to have more finances.
  9. Content. No debt. Fair amount of savings. Will definately come in handy for out of work times... Never really going to be happy with finances until i get qualified and get the right job.
  10. On the virge of bankrupcy
  11. you live at home and you have a job. how do you do this?
  12. Happy, I've got a good job and not much expenses.
  13. I haven't work since November..the season starts in March again. But I got vacationmoney and stuff so I wasn't totally broke for 3 months or so. But right now I am
  14. Well i owe money on the Super Seven, but i guess that is a thing i happily pay for. Even after the montly payments on that i got quite money for myself so i guess iam content/happy. Just wish i could pull myself together and get some money saved up, so that i could buy a nice decent everyday car.
  16. yeah well..I'm not the kind of guy who desperatley needs money and shit..I spend it on booze and shit and when I don't have money everybody keeps buying shit for me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  17. I put content. I'm a college student, parents are covering tuition, rent, and food so I really have no room to complain. Not bringing in any income right now though I will be over the summer. I don't have much money but that's okay considering my situation. I suppose I'm really fortunate to have my parents cover all of that.
  18. I'm pretty much bankrupt.
  19. haha ok. yeah it is the same for me. i only buy booze and food. my parrents pay for everything else lol
  20. $6000 in debt and counting
  21. I'm pretty happy - the only debt we have is the mortgage ($80k) and student loans ($5k), and we have about $10k in savings and non-risky investments.
  22. If you have savings the first thing you should do is pay off debt. If you have good credit and really hit the wall you can get a line of credit.
  23. Not rly. You should have at least 6 months living expenses in liquid assets, and 10k for two people is probably pretty close to 6 months worth of expenses.

    edit: depending on lifestyle, obviously
  24. If you are living in your home as a temporary residence you don't pay off any more of your mortgage than necessary. If you aren't accruing interest on loans, put the money in a designated account that does get interest. Who made you the money police?

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