How high can you hear? (with test)

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    So I was reading this article about this new ring tone which plays at 17,000 Hz, supposedly beyond the hearing range of most 20-year olds due to natural degenerative hearing loss. They said it was wildly popular among teenagers who would use it in class and get away with it.

    I did some poking around and quickly found that a lot of people over 20 could hear the tone with no problem, including people 40-50. What interested me though was that I can't hear it at all, and I'm 17. That can't be good? Too much rock music I guess.

    I listened to different mp3 samples of sounds 10kHz through 25kHz in 1,000 Hz (1 kHz) increments. I top out around 15kHz. Most people can hear up to around 18-20kHz. How bout you guys?
  2. I could hear 17 really loud and clear. But what was weird was I could kind of hear 18 and 19, but not really. I dunno how to explain it. But I guess that's not too shabby for a 20 year old. As for that ring tone... Has no one ever heard of vibrate for christs sake?
  3. I doubt that is legit. I can hear the 20kHz easily, and the higher ones actually sound lower pitch. Maybe it is my speakers.
  4. Your right you can't trust these test, because of the fact that the equipment is'nt made for it.
  5. I can hear 18, but 19 and above just makes an almost hissing sound with no real tone.

    Edit: The hissing sound is probably just my headphones.
  6. X + the usual extra 2000
  7. 3 meters or so.
  8. I can hear 20k loud and clear and can definitely hear something going on up to 23k. 24k is a bit too far, though.

    Weird thing is, I can hear more at 25k than at 24k. It appears my stereo is doing something spooky.
  9. i remember at school we used to do this in physics and the highest most people could hear was about 16-18k
  10. this high.
  11. 23 is my limit
  12. i got 21k.
    i wonder where BBQ's hearing drops out at?
  13. I don't know if its my speakers but I could hear 21 and then not 22 but I tried 25 to #$%# with my cat and I could hear it. So I'm not sure.
  14. i did a hearing test 6 months ago- dont ask me what these numbers mean

    500hz - 15db
    1000 - 10
    1500 - 10
    2000 - 5
    3000 - 10
    4000 - 5
    6000 - 20
    8000 - 15

    500hz - 15db
    1000 - 0
    1500 - 15
    2000 - 5
    3000 - 15
    4000 - 15
    6000 - 20
    8000 - 20
  15. 19000 is very faint, 20000 is fully gone
  16. I dont think my headphones are good for this test... many of them I cold hear loud a clear but not some of the ones in between....
  17. I just tried a few more of them of them, lol

    10000 I could just barely hear
    11000 I could hear fine
    couldnt hear 17K
    but 25K I could hear loud enough that it felt like my ears were going to explode...
  18. 20 was clear as day & 21 was very faint to me. 22 & up, no way jose.
  19. My friend once waked me up becuase he was humping his gf at the time... it was through 3 walls and 1 floor. She was freaking loud. I asked if they could just do it a little less loud since her sisters slept in the rooms right next to them. I got invited to be with them though, I kindly said not hanks.

    Edit: no this wasn't taken from a nature film.
  20. I got to 22000, but i had to crank up the volume on my computer to the max. I dont think the speakers are designed to create such sounds , cause i could hear the cones warbling with 23 and up.
  21. Also, I can hear 18k with my computer speakers, but not with my headphones. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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