How is this a wagon?

Discussion in '2000 Dodge Power Wagon Concept' started by Murtaza, Aug 22, 2002.

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    power wagon was a name they used on some of their older pickups, just bringing back the name
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    even though it's a diesle, I don't think it would get very good fuel economy. those cylinders are just so massive! just think about how much diesle is being pumped into each of them. WOW!!!
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    u wanna kno y its called a wagen when it 1st came out, well first off all wha did people use 2 get around in b4 there were cars... WAGONS, cars replaced wagons , which u can say ( or not depending on how u look at it) cars are juz wagons with motors ( and otha parts 2 of course) , well if u kinda think about it 780 lb-ft of torque and wha i juz said i think u can find a way y its called a power wagon.. when the power wagon 1st came out it looked like a truck with a wagon car's rear
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    it was made like a long time ago for the army...and that is what trucks were called or something like that
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