How long are your days?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I woke up on Monday evening and I'm still awake on Wednesday morning.
  2. depends, school days up at 7, bed by 12 or 1. some nights I work.

    Cant wait to start full time though.
  3. Class hours/day:
    Monday: 11
    Tuesday: 0
    Wednesday: 7
    Thursday: 0
    Friday: 3

    Plus an hour each way of travel.
  4. I leave home at 8:30, get home at about 6:30 every day.

    I'm out every night of the week too usually at about 7-7:30ish till about 10:30-11.
  5. no actually, you will not have less responsibility in your 20s. Once you get into the game you don't get out. Not till retirement. Unless you're seriously lucky.

Dude, when I was 16 I was busy. Busy #$%#ing around with my friends, having an awesome time, not worrying about anything. I'd go out and get stoned all weekend and have a blast. Being 20 is awesome but it's a lot different from being 16, trust me.

You will regret it when you're my age.
  6. I agree. The lack of responsibility was fantastic.
  8. post ur stache
  9. I'm kinda tired and don't wanna. I will tomorrow after I shave.
  10. What do you do for money?
  11. woke up at 12, doing nothing all day long yay
  12. its not like i dont do that. i think i do stupid getting blasted/wasted shit more than ever. but now its actually feels more rewarding, because im not just...oh #$%#, ive been home all day ill go smoke a blunt this weekend, or after work. now its long #$%# i had a long day/week im gonna smoke a blunt and hang out with my girlfriend. you know what im sayin?
  13. Get up at 6, leave the house around 7, get to school at around 7:30 and am either in class or the library until around 7, get home around 7:30, eat dinner, hang out for a couple hours, go to bed around 10ish.
  14. Not everybody likes having nothing to do, no responsibility, and putzing around for weeks on end.
  15. Stop tripping man!

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