How long do you think the USA will last?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by valcom111t, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Some friends and I got into a discussion about it. How many years do you think the USA will last in its current form? I said no more than 500 years.
  2. what do you mean current form?

  3. this is ridiculous, what dide your other friends say?
  4. my friends said from 200-1000 years. By current form, I mean type of government and geographical size.
  5. I predict the downfall of world capitalist markets in early July 2093, followed by the collapse of Western governments in September. Needless to say, I'll be selling my stock in June.
  6. 2 more minutes.
  7. As long as Hillary Clinton isnt in office.
  8. You will never know. Nobody knows what next year will even bring.

    EDIT: Except for GT4.
  9. i think in the next 100 years, puerto rico will try to get suffrage.
  10. I think GT4 will ship the same day the first Veyron customer takes delivery.
  11. Why would it change? Though there are arguement that say it wont be the most powerfull country after awhile
  12. Hopefully longer than France.
  13. actually, in governmental form, i doubt much longer.. either the electoral college will find its way out of the constitution will change to take equality away from homosexuals.
  14. Most likely longer than any of our lifespans. As some have already mentioned, what form the United States is in when this occurs is unknown. No one knows what the future holds.
  15. valcom? do you skate
  16. probly last longer than our generation, but i dont think America could ever last as long as say Rome ever did. Things change alot quicker these days.
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  18. lol...that is so random
  19. type of government as in republicans?... or democracy.

    either way. Its impossibel to tell. Technology as well. I think geographical size it's probably unlikely to change. Which goes for most countries at the moment.

    I dont see any event that would dramaticaly change the government or geographical size of the US. Wouldnt even matter if a lot of the economic power was lost, it wouldnt change anything greatly.
  20. Type of government?
    200 years. Maybe more, but probably not less.

    Geographical size?
    See above answer. I don't think we'll change much territorially at all. Unless we annex Canada.
  21. shut the #$%# up
  22. well he has a skateboard company in his name.. so uh yeah
  23. If my sources are reliable, which they are, until the 17 of December.
  24. not everyone keeps up with all the skateboarding companies funnily enough...
  25. Depends if they are able to stop the proliferation of metal gears.

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