How long do you think the USA will last?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by valcom111t, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. US will goin the world federation within the next 150 years, but will probably exist in a lesser form for a long while after...
  2. i dont think funnily is a word...
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  4. of course it is...
  5. California will become a country. Canada, a state.
  6. whoah! that marks my 10 anniversary of living in Canberra! all the pieces are coming together.
  7. i suppose i was wrong then...
  8. that would be correct.
  9. And the US will still have about the same population.
  10. i was waiting till you stopped with that stupid 3 periods.
  11. It's called an ellipsis, junior.
  12. is quite a bad habit of mine...

    and yes, F1 is right, it is called an ellipsis
  13. as far as economic stance, maybe 10 years, if our alternative energy programs dont kick off before then. and as far as government, God only knows when.
  14. 100 to 200 years it could be shorter, china will take there role away but the US and west would have inflenced china enough by that time. Any luck i wont be dead chances are i will be.
  15. maybe 200 or 300 years, to be honest i don't know, wait and see what the future will bring you
  16. the 17 of december is 8 days away from christmas. Everything is coming into place.

    I think being the worlds most powerful nation about 100 years. Then weather it holds together its impsible to predicts seeing as in say 300 years the world will be suck a crazzy place. Any luck the biological age would have started and live to 500 years old.
  17. What do you mean? First power in the world? I would say till 2060 because China, Brazil, India and Russia are developing very fastly. Of course the USA and Europe have already started investing in them so I believe till 2100 it would be the most powerfull country. Of course if EU's and USA's relationships will be re-established I think that these 4 countries no matter how powerfull they will be they will be controled/deeply influenced by the EU and the USA, so...
  18. In its current form ruled by the powers it is, all signs say >15 years. The political system is ineffective and corroding, the social mood proceedingly more volatile, also the economy is facing many internal and external threats. Factor that in with significant geopolitical and policy issues and you've got a cauldron of shit begging to boil.
  19. less than 100......... terrorists with nuclear weapons will ensure this
  20. I don't skate. Isn't the company Volcom, not valcom?
  21. America is going to lose its influence over other nations, and it is happening right now.
  22. economic i could not agree more, but i think our style of government will stay for an extremely long time. it changes like a fart in the wind and more than likely will continue to change. somebody farts, smells a little sweet, and it gets blown away. then somebody else farts, it smells a little rancid(U.S. currently), and eventually gets blown away.
  23. Nobody can predict these sorts of things. What if crazies take over Russia and nuke us to oblivion? We'd be gone tomarrow. Or, we could last a thousand years. Nobody knows.
  24. The biological age?
  25. there are much more unstable governments in countries that have lasted thousasnds of years. The Us isnt going anywhere anytime soon.


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