How long?

Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by LanciaDeltaIntegraleS4, May 24, 2004.

  1. Let's say I wake up tomorrow and find myself a billionaire. Getting one of these would be my first order of business. Let's say I was willing to toss $2m to the current long would it take to find and get my new Mac off to England for my custom work?

    It needs to be able to make it into the States too...
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    Well with every day that passes, the odds of anyone getting a mac off the lucky few(and I do mean FEW) people who own one are not in their favor. Perhaps you may have better luck traveling to the seventh circle of Hell and asking Beelzebub to lower the temperature a bit.
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    dont ask me....
  4. McLaren Cars, Ltd. will spend about 3 months cleaning and refurbishing your new F1 to fit you and your taste.
  5. As an owner i would have to say that i would never sell my Mclaren and that no one could get a deal out of me
  6. No one asked you anything.
  7. Shut up.

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