how many drinks

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  1. is your ideal number , where you get better at virtually everything , infinitely funnier , and generally in a better mood

    I think I 3 beers I am my most skilled …
  2. 2-3. Just a little buzz.
  3. More than is ok
  4. More than is ok
  5. I play much better pool after having 4-6 drinks. Same with bowling

    That happy medium just before blackout and after you've lost comprehension can be fun too
  6. Several. 3, 5, 8.. depends on if its beers or mixers.
  7. How many licks
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  9. I haven't drunk booze in 2 years.
  10. 3-4

    makes me way better at beer pong too
  11. 5 for an amazing time with SupraMan
  12. I usually don't drink the same drinks every time, so it's hard to tell. No longer a heavy beer drinker either, so it's usually vodka-something. In small, plastic, house-party cups, it would be around 5-6, with 7-8 being way too much alcohol. Tough balance, so we smoke weed instead. Or drink and smoke and get generally wasted.
  13. 2-3 normal beers
  14. 2-3 normal beers
  15. who needs booze when you have model planes right …
  16. I like booze, but I can't drink it for medical reasons.
  17. Probably about 8-10 if I'm partying.
  18. 3-4 beers
    partying hard 8+

    now with the stomach I can barely sustain a single one
  19. the sweet spot is 7-8. after that it does immediately off a very steep cliff
  20. came here to post this

    also, 4 beers or so
  21. beers, provided i've had something to eat to line my stomach:

    3 is the "i will start to talk to you about anything" stage
    4-6 is karaoke
    7+ all hell breaks loose/tactical chunder/sleep

    if i've had nothing to eat, karaoke comes after 2 beers, then it's pretty much carnage from then on.

  22. 2 is buzzed, feeling comfortable but totally under control, 4+ is party time. I'm a happy drunk and get pretty boisterous and excitable after a few.
  23. Classic song

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