How many horses ??

Discussion in '2005 Nissan GT-R Concept' started by ging, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. i read it was to have a small displacement v8 tt a few years ago in some magazine. i wish they'd hurry up and release it, what is taking them so long??
  2. This is what I heard, just with twin turbos.
  3. Why does it always have to have twin turbos? why not stick to just one, or, better yet, none, and rely on engine modifications that consistently rely on reliable, normally-aspirated aspects?
  4. I'm going to guess um ... 280 Hp, just like teh previous GT-Rs. Remember that Japan has teh Gentlemans law and won't allow anything over 300 HP (I think teh only car to break this rule was teh Acura RL, or Honda legend in japan (correct me if I'm wrong)). I'm with you Ralph, I'm not a big fan of turbos with an exception of some cars (Dauer, Noble). But single turbos have too much lag. This car so far to me is a severe dissapointment. Not only is it pretty ugly, I hate how it has teh V6 instead of the Straight 6 like it has had in the past. I think Skylines are pretty overrated (this coming from a japanese car manufacturing fan so please don't flip out on me).
  5. I don't know, dude, it's just something they (the Japanese, in this case) like to do. For twin turbo, they really don't have much of an output if you ask me since those numbers can easily be done with just a single turbo. But I do agree with you, I much prefer naturally-aspirated engines over any turbocharged or supercharged engine.
  6. Twin Turbo is much better then a single, sure the single turbo can get the numbers, but it doesn't work as efficiant as teh Twin Turbo, there is slightly more lag. But again I'm with you guys, NA for life, SC is good too though :D it give the power with nearly the same accuracy and precision as NA, but NA is best (despite my top 10 :p)
  7. the skyline is going to have the engine from the Q45 which is 3.6L VQ36 twin turbo with a 7-speed sequential transmission with paddle-shifters which will make 450hp and has a weight of about 3500lb. which this car if is produced will be toasting ferrari's and other so called fast cars. And also for all you nae sayers i got all my info from modified mag.
  8. Will there be any aftermarket tuners for this?
  9. first off unless modified mag got those numbers directly from nissan i will have to say that theyre just guessing like everyone out there. second, nissan has already stated that they were thinking of the using the Q45's engine but then scrapped that plan because they said that the engine would be too heavy seeing that the all wheel drivetrain its already heavy. as for the seven speed sequential i have no idea but it might make it into the car seeing that the nissan skyline(infiniti g35)in japan in is already using an eight speed sequential. and oh yeah the engine in the Q45 is a VK45 not a VQ.

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