How many hours a week do you work?

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  1. Yea mine is pretty relaxed as well. I have a tendency to put on more work than I should though. Maybe I should get more lazy.
  2. Anywhere from 20-120
  3. 37 hours,
    Monday - Thursday: 8AM to 5PM with 1 hour lunch break
    Friday: 8:00AM to Noon
    I never work on weekends.
  4. wait what?
  6. I once heard of a research that tried to check how productive high-tech employees are (you know, the ones that have super fun office spaces, great company events and so on). They usually spend lots of hours at work, often working late and from home. But in the end, they'll only put up about 4-5 hours of actual work in a work day. The rest is socialising, web surfing and keeping the employee happy (and at work).
  7. Full Time on Salary for me is 34 hrs, 7.5h Mon-Thurs, 4h on Friday. Typical for my sector is 40, I usually work high 30s to low 40s, it's gotten as high as 70.
  8. In NZ usually around 50-60. When I'm overseas that shit blows out to 75-100+
  9. 40 to 50 plus a 1+ hour commute each way
  10. Are you well fed? Because that's how they'd normally prevent slaves from rebelling.
  11. living the american dream robert
  12. jesus....
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    40-50. Standard work hours are 8 per day (9 with 1hr lunch). Working on weekends, public/bank holidays is common. On the positive side we have 35 days off in a year. Issue is you can clock in the regular 8hrs but still have a very intense day and walk out with the head boiling and very low energy to do anything. The other issue is I hate the job itself
  14. 1hr lunch? That sounds inefficient.
  15. For this type of work it's actually quite refreshing. Depends also with whom you seat in the restaurant I guess, but always nice to be with some colleagues and talk about random stuff
  16. I rather have 30 min lunch break and 2 x 15 min coffee break during the day
  17. Yeah, guess depends on what you're used to. Anyway that hour flies. Can still squeeze out 5-10minutes to go outside have a smoke or small walk but only if there's nothing pending/deadline near enough.
  18. No longer steady 40h with non paid 30min lunch. Now an hour or so overtime every other day.
  19. barrel of FOLGERS strapped to the passenger seat
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  20. youre going to need another barrel as an auxiliary bladder
  21. Depends on who's paying. Sometimes it's amazing sometimes you just sleep in your car instead of food.
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    My contract is 37 hours a week, but I work a 9 day pattern so it's weird. I always forget what day it is.

    I work 6 shifts on, 3 shifts off, with the 6 shifts split into two bunches of 3, varying as Early (0600-1400) Late (1400-2200) or Night (2200-0600) as follows:


    At least, that's how it should work. Due to staffing issues, my coaching duties, and overtime I do change my shifts reasonably frequently. It's hard to get a solid routine down.

    I get like, 27 days of holiday each year, and this pattern means I basically get double. If I book 6 days off I'll get the three rest days either side anyway, so 6 holiday days used = 12 days off. It's nice.
  23. 1+hour to commute? Damn!
    Me, it only takes less than 10 minutes.
  24. 1 hour is not so bad. I need 15 mins, but my gf needs 2 hours, 3 hours if the traffic is bad.

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