How many hours a week do you work?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. 40-ish
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  2. 30, thats more than enough
  3. 56 per week and then whatever overtime comes up, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, year round.
  4. Worked like 57 hours last week. Will have to work tomorrow then I'll be at over 60 for this week. I'm tired.
  5. Had my last day of this on Friday. **** I'm going to miss it :(

    Start new job in new city on Thursday. Back to sub-40 hours and a salary :eek:
  6. What's/where's your new job?
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  8. hire me too i want to live in auckland
  9. do you like traffic jams
  10. Didn't you use to make CGI for big budget movies?
  11. Didn't you use to want to be a cop?
  12. to me, if my commute (without traffic is ~25min) is stretched to an hour, its not that bad
    I get time to call family, customer calls and feedback and it goes fast

    over an hour its getting a lot
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  13. My old job was about 30-35 minutes each way, new job is less than 5. I definitely miss having that time every morning to clear my mind and every evening to wind down. I really think the evening drive especially helped stop me from bringing work stresses home. Now if somebody pisses me off at work I get home and am grumpy to the wife and doggies for no reason, I don't like it. Gonna try to start walking the short commute a little this summer and see if that helps.
  14. Drivers there must be tons better than here. I get to work early just to chill out from the drive. So many shitty drivers in Houston, it's ridiculous.
  15. same here, it helps to buffer life/work balance. Walking is indeed great, with kids we walk outside all the time
  16. I always walk 30 to an hour in my lunch time. It helps to reduce stress.

    My commute is 15/20 mins by bicycle to my office. 30 mins by car. I only use the cars whenever it rains.
  17. Bike it, then you won't be getting home pissed at work people because you'll be too busy being a jackass and pissed about motorists
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  18. I should add grad school. 42.5 hours full time job, plus 15 hours for school on a normal week. 57.5 hours total on average. Being single makes it easy.
  19. Well, was on the on-set data acquisition side of things, but basically, kinda.

    I still do. I blew a calf muscle while training for the fitness tests, then that got put on the back burner due to better paying jobs. Still think about it often though.
  20. ive got great calves chris
  21. i couldnt join the force until mine are as svelt as yours mark
  22. over here they let any ol calves in
    and well, we've got citizens dying in the streets
  23. #legpresslivesmatter
  24. 40-50 per week in the office. Doesn't include working from home and events, and the fact that I'm pretty much always available and checking my email.
    I'm one of those fucking people.

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