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  1. Is true that only 18 this car ever built?
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    do not argue with me on this, i have info from a friend who helped with the XJR-15 crew, but there were 50 made, however most of them were wrecked during tests for statistics, and fine-tuning things such as suspension, so that number is probably close to how many are left.
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    not gonna argue! But heres what I found somewhere about one of the cars:

    Of the 50 total cars produced, only 23 were constructed to racing specifications and of those, Chassis 011 remains as an outstanding original and unmolested example....

    I think loads were probably pranged in the original race and in testing, and Tiff Needell was one of the original drivers so theres no hope for at least one of them...
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    AHEM, Prototype for XJ220, AHEM<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually, (i consulted Jaguar on this one) 5 were made, 3 race cars and 2 for Jaguar directors. Don't argue it comes straight from Jag themselves
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    Hey D.C.

    Check this out!
    Five, huh? Called Jaguar, huh?
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    they made 649 of em<!-- Signature -->
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    DC your wrong, cuz I have chassis #020 sitting in my shop. rhaahahaha. But this is not chassis #11, but it is car # 11, and it is still in it's race form minus tires. One carbon moled seat. Duct taped and foam head rest (HEHE). It has the 7.0 Liter 725bhp engine. w/ the TWR hewland 6spd. dog box. Air condidtioning comes from a 3" tubing duct from the front of the car. It sounds like a world sports car or Rolex SRP car.

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    i think around 50 were made...but agreed that many were lost through accidents and other incidents...

    at least they can still produce these cars if need be, unlike the xkss, a beautiful car to this day...unfortunately, a very large quantity were destroyed in fire at the jaguar factory in coventry...there is an urban myth that one of the workers bravelt went in to the warehouse and drove out a few of the xkss's to try and save them, only to be told to drive them back in so that the insurance would pay out considering the xkss didnt sell aswell as planned...also lost were the designs, moulds and presses for the cars...unfortunately, the jaguar xkss could never be rebuilt by jaguar again...

    the jaguar xkss is just about as cool as the batmobile <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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