How much $$$ does it cost?

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    Whatever they want- they are blue-chip collector items.>>>>
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    The Ferrari 550 Barchetta costs around $325,000 to $385,000 depending on the mileage (probably low either way) and the year; 2000 vs. 2001. Too much for me, but I can dream can't I?!
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    It really costs that much??
    That's $100,000 more than 550 Maranello!
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    I'm afraid so; since the Barchetta is a very limited edition (448 units) the demand for them is significantly higher than the demand for a standard Maranello. Check out and click on Marketplace to see current Ferraris being sold at authorized dealers in the U.S. Last time I checked, the average prices for 550 Barchettas ranges from $325,000 to $385,000 dollars (But I do recall seeing one for only $285,000 at Ferrari of Denver). Still a LOT of money though. :-(
  5. I know a the owner of a Ferrari dealership in Rosemont, PA, and he is selling this car at just over $380k.

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