How much will this modification cost?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. I'm buying a complete Nitrous express system to put in my 2.8 V6. If I already have the system, how much will the professional instalation cost? And also, how much does it cost to fill up a 15lb. bottle??

    Thanks for your help
  2. My friend instlled his own on a focus of all things and I believe he pays abut $30 for a fill on a 10 pound bottle.
  3. installs are easy... follow directions and you can do it... and 30 sounds about right for a 10 pound bottle $3.00 a pound is right around what ur gonna pay
  4. install is easy, but it's whatever the manufacturer recoments tiem wise X whatever u get charged. but i wouldnt do it.
  5. 1 million.
  6. I'm going on several trips in the next few weeks, I'm not going to have the time to do it myself......... I was just going to send it to a tuner and have them do it so its ready when I get back. Anyone know how much it will cost for a tuner to do it?
  7. Way too much. I have heard that they want over $200 to install a boost controller which is quite easy.
  8. Just get a ZEX kit. It's so easy SuperlativeOne could do it, well maybe not, but you still get the idea. It's a self contained unit.
  9. How many engines have you built again?
  10. I don't need to modify anything when I can just lie about it on the internet.

    Like when you claimed that Porsche rotors would bolt up to a 300ZX dispite having completely different bolt patterns.
  11. That's a stretch......Porsche rotors bolt up just fine to a pair of rotor hats that fit my bolt pattern.

    So how many engines was that? none? Are you all pissy because you have to take your rusted out Fox body mustang to pepboys for an oil change or because you ran out of meth?

    BTW: You claimed that your stock mustang ran a full 2 seconds faster through the quarter than what any magazine tested it as.

    I built my engine which makes over 500WHP...where you have put a K&N intake on yours......yep.....LOSER.

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  12. I think he called your mom ugly too.
  13. Let's see:

    You claimed to have recommended your friend install a fuel pressure regulator on his Mustang when the damn source you cited clearly stated it wouldn't fit.

    You thought OEM was a brand of parts only Nissan owners used.

    You thought you used a compression test to find the compression ratio of an engine.

    You claimed to have glued a blow off valve back together after it broke into 17 pieces.

    You claimed that DOT 5 brake fluid was interchangeable with DOT3 & DOT4.

    You claimed Porsche rotors would bolt right up to a 300ZXTT even though the cars have completely different bolt patterns.

    You have built shit except a reputation of being a dumbass with out a f**king clue.
  14. Lets see....

    The FPR is on his car and working with a few small modifications.

    Taken out of context.

    Taken out of context.

    I did and it worked for about 5 shifts.

    I said use dot 5 if it says dot 4 or higher.

    I bolted a brembo rotor from a porsche dealership to a rotor hat with a 114 bolt pattern. These rotors are 2 pieces and don't even have a bolt pattern with exception of where they bolt to the hat which is standard.

    I have built a 500WHP car by myself where as you have never built anything.....and you are bitter.

    Yep........LOSER <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. are you two married?
  16. We have both banged your sister but we have no desire for one another.
  17. So how about them faulty fuel injectors on the 1967-1969 Camaros?
  18. Are you for real?!
  19. Dont ever recall that one.....been getting into spyders meth?

    Maybe a 1999 camaro.
  20. No, I easily remember you saying tons of 1st generation Camaros had engine fires because of faulty fuel injectors, ignoring the fact that carburated cars don't have fuel injectors, and that Camaros didn't get fuel injection until the 1980s.
  21. If you easily remember it...easily find the thread.

    I don't recall ever saying that.
  22. It was back in the days of v2 of the forums, and the search feature doesn't go back that far. I do know it was around the same time you talked about the FPR for the Mustang that doesn't have one.

    Also, I still wonder why you keep talking about those Porsche rotors. If they are as you say they are, the only reason why they're "Porsche" rotors is because they were put on a Porsche. They're made by Brembo, which makes them Brembo rotors. If as you say, the rotor hat can be changed, then it wouldn't matter if the rotors were put on a Porshce or a Nissan or a damn Yugo, they're still Brembo rotors.

    Of course, you obviously bought them for the name, so you can go around and claim you've got "Porsche" brakes on your Nissan.
  23. Figured you couldn't find proof of this post.

    Brembo is OEM on the porsche 996, might be on all porsches.

    They are "porsche" brakes because they are porsche calipers.

    I haven't been able to make them fade yet.....and they were cheap....that's why I bought them.

    Spyder says their are porsche rotors because porsche doesn't use my bolt pattern...he cannot grasp the concept of two piece rotors.
  24. You did say it you dumbass. I remember when Chevyrocks took a screen capture and posted it. That was part of V2.0 and you said it on your long since banned CreamOfTheCrap_07 account.

    Brembo is OEM on the 03/04 Mustang Cobra. You see it isn't a poor braking 300ZXTT so it doesn't need a brake upgrade.

    Using your logic all Brembo brakes are Cobra brakes.

    Oh and remember, OEM isn't a brand of parts only Nissan owners use.

    Ya stupid inbred f**k.
  25. If i said it prove it. I never said anything of the like.

    Brembo makes rotors for almost every car out there. They are Porsche brakes because of the caliper.

    Hows rehab coming along? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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