how much?

Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz Lorinser CL500' started by farooq, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Ive seen 2 of these before, one in the silocon valley, and one in south LA. Just wonderin how much they are and if theyre a stick or manual. Merc needs some real manual cars, not just the c240 and the c200coupe, but like a cl500 stick, or a clk55 stick. That is the only thing wrong with Benzs. Otherwise theyre really some of the best cars out there. kinda affordable, unlike bently, rr, and ferarri
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    Don't konw but they are probably not worth the money!
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    alot, too much probably!<!-- Signature -->
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    I would add 50-60 to its base price.
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    the car is in my drive way as i type and its worth the 100g's i payed for it. Mine runs about 520whp with the mods,wich are very pricy. 6g's just for a perfect ecu. bout its all good.

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