How the hell does this work?

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  2. I think the result of the math is always a multiple of 9. So they just assign the same symbal to all those numbers.
  3. I've had 3 different symbols come up right 3 times!
  4. Before you click the ball, look at the symbol on the number 9 (or 18, or 27, or 36, etc). That's the symbol that will come up when you click the ball.
  5. Every multiple of 9 is assigned 1 symbol. They just change what that symbol is.
  6. got 3 right but the next 15 wrong
  7. Dude, that wasn't very hard to figure out
  8. It only got the first one right.
  9. Then you either

    a) Looked at the wrong #


    b) Can't add.
  10. Il guess b
  11. Ya its all multiples of 9. Look at the symbols for 9, 27, 18 and shit.
  12. 74 Doesnt work, if 7+4=11
  13. That is a mathematical certainty. They change the symbol order each time to confuse idiots.

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