How to be a good democrat

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bronxgurl, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. There political philosiphies are very different.
  2. What's this have to do with liberals or conservatives?

    This is about a political party.
  3. Liberals are not on the left they are on the right! Understand!
    But they are still bad.
  4. They're all too true. Damn hippies.
  5. You obvioulsy don't know a shit do you?
    How many times do I have to say this: "Liberalism is ON THE BLOODY RIGHT"
    A true liberal wants freedom for the people, and no taxes. So what dose that have to mean? Well, no goverment founding, no ban on guns or SUV etc.
  6. You are arguably the dumbest heap of dogshit I've ever had the displeasure of encountering.
  7. That's an outdated definition of "liberal". What was "liberal", is now "conservative".
  8. The first post in this thread is very powerful and true, but look how weak the rebuttals are.
  9. This first post is true ONLY if you are as far left as left gets, and you eat a sheet of acid on a weekly basis. My views are more liberal than not, yet I don't condone capital punishment or abortion.

    This argument is based off black and white views. While we are all human and have varying beliefs, the first post in this thread does not pertain to all liberals. I'd be suprised if it pertains to 0.000001% of liberals.
  10. I understand what you're saying. I'm a Republican but I don't agree with my party on every issue. I'm against capitol punishment. I wouldn't say that every one of those things fits every Democrat, but those are all Democrat points of view.
  11. True, true. I'm 60% liberal, 40% conservative. Most people are mixed like us I'm sure. But you're right; they are extreme leftist views.
  12. "A true liberal wants freedom for the people, and no taxes."

    That's a classical liberal. We are now called libertarians because of the hijacking of the term "liberal."
  13. actually, this is only true in american polotics.. around the world, what we term as Liberal, the rest of the world classifies as conservative.. its an easy misunderstanding to make when talking american polotics with non-americans.
  14. Yah. It's tough going nation to nation. What I say goes only for American politics.
  15. I'm totally with you here. Extremists of either party are idiots. Fact.
  16. Shut the #$%# up you crapshit liberal. You are one of the biggest Kerry fanboy ever.Voting Kerry is voting for someone who will not fight against terrorism.Kerry will prefer a socialized healthcare system and many other things which will not make the situation better.The aw guns ban was a democrat thing and very shitty one, glad it expires.
  17. I know what are socialists, democrats and liberals.I don't like democrats and socialists.Many liberals have a preference for Democrats. Kerry is democrat so when you vote Kerry you vote for a Democrat.
    I am a conservative and a republican.
  18. Did I forget to mention you are dumber than dogshit? Why is it that our only friend in the war on terror is England? Could it be because our president is the world's #1 terrorist himself? Think, dipshit. The WHOLE world hates America. When Clinton was in office we actually had allies.

  19. I don't understand why republicans always have to be so impolite.
  20. think about it. we only had "allies" with clinton because he was so apologetic about every single thing. castrating the country so that countries like France and Germany can feel better about themselves in comparision isnt th way to make the US a better place, nor is it any way to get allies.
  21. You are more idiotic than a sheep. Bush fights against terrorism.Peaceful talks don't help with terrorism and dictatorships, killing terrorists is the only solution.So use your brain asstard.Clinton #$%#ed up the us army in somalia and he did nothing when the wtc was bombed first time in 1996.During his mandate,he could have catch Osama but no he did nothing.
    Not the whole world hates America.Only Terrorists and countries who are ungrateful towards America hate it.Many countries who have a socialist governments don't like America so much. You forget that australia joined the US in the war against Irak as well as Italy.
  22. Some of those a pretty offensive and obviously blatent lies. Not to say that there isn't a considerable amount of lying on both sides. It all is just part of a silly childish propaganda war about who is better. What ever happened to parties working together for the good of the nation through compromises?
  23. actually, it was 1993. but you're right, he didnt act on it.
  24. Which ones are lies?

    I thought it was pretty funny to tell the truth. It obviously takes cheap shots at people and assumes that all democrats agree with every single thing the democratic party has ever approved, so obviously I dont take it seriously, but its funny, admit it.

    And the entire point of having a two party system is that people can choose ideals and elect people who will enforce those ideals. If the parties agreed with eachother every time that would defeat the purpose of a bipartisan system. Most of the attacks between the parties are nothing serious anyways.
  25. Funny how I disagree with most of this shit, but still am a democrat... this was made for leftest nut-job, not the normal moderate, semi-moderate democrat

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