how to loss your job

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  1. i have a friend who is an appretaship at a import shop. the place got a $27500 australian dollar gearbox for a R33 GTR. was told to put the oil in it before he left. Every one else left so he did as well. The guy who owned it came to pick it up early the next. He thouught it was a bit stiff but ignored it. The first set of lights he stopped lined it up revved it to 3 grand dropped the clutch and bang. $27500 down the drain and some one lost there job to bad but very funny.
  2. Just because you're Australian doesn't mean you have to play to the stereotypes that all Aussies are morons.
  3. I hate lossing jobs.
  4. i am not sayingf that all australians are morons just this one.that transmision was worth more heaps than a years wages
  5. What gearbox was this.
  6. WTF mate?
  7. you cant even spell. you probably dont even have any friends. i wouldnt want to be your friend if you paid me.
  8. trust me the feeling is mutual. it was a JUN gearbox
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    Since when do JUN make transmissions? There is nothing on their website There is only one gearbox I have seen used in lots of modified GTR's and its not made by JUN.
  10. i know how to lose your job. its easy. just be as stupid as doyle.
  11. you won't even get a job that way.
  12. thats very true.

    although if the employer was bbstachas2 you might have a good chance.
  13. he might employ doyle as a waxer to his Diablo Gumbreller
  14. and his Pagini Zonda and TVR Cebra..
  15. don't you mean a Zondigi Pagonda, and a CBR Cabra?
  16. Danno WTF man? I thought you were a nice, smart guy but I guess I was wrong.

    Doyle, don't listen to that joker man, he used to be a smart guy but I guess something happened. I'd totally be your friend if you paid me.
  17. please look in the other countries forum.

    doyle has been around for a few weeks now, he claims to own a VY holden commodore SS which he paid 15 grand for. he claims to have got it up to 250 kph on a public road, and says he only does it when there arent too many people around. he claims to own one of the fastest nissan sylvias in australia. he said it was an s14, but when we found where he stole the pictures from, it really was an s13 with an s15 front.

    basically hes full of crap. He also said he gets parts for his sylvia, and commodore by hiding them in his dads customer orders. (apparently his dad owns plaza holden in adelaide)

    so basically, thats why i hate him.
  18. You completely missed the point of my post. I was calling you a moron, not him you dumb, brainless sack of excrement.
  19. hahahahahhahahahaha

    Now, Doyle, lets start talking numbers...lets say that I was to say that you're "hip" and "cool". Would that land me some $$? Because, damnit, bbstachas2 is willing to pay cash, and I'm not gonna waste my time with some low-ballin crackwhore...
  20. the GTR has a complete JUN drvetrain
  21. Since when do JUN make diffs and transmissions?
  22. since for ever that is what do. Ti=his all pro stuff, it isn't the run of the mill stuff
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  24. because the car was been sponsored and you take what you get. The gearbox wasn't to shabby

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