How to make carbon fiber panels

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    I would like to add that it you are just wanting flat panels (which can be nice, you just cut out and use) you can use a sheet of glass. It is smooth and flat enough that there is no 'mold' prep work. I highly recommend this as a first project, it get right to the composite layup and has the 'mold' not be a variable it the project.

    Also, if you are wanting a simple way to create something quick, that is simple geometry check this out:
  3. Now I'm going make a carbon fiber sword.
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    most common composite jobs are "wet" layups, as in, the fabric is soaked with resin with a brush or something. this method is good, but ends up using more resin to fabric ratio and the final outcome and even the layup can be a bit worse than dry carbon. "dry" carbon is a pre-impregnated fabric and is usually cured in an auto clave or oven at high temps (150-200c i think) at pressure or with vacuum bags. dry carbon is lighter and stronger because it has a higher ratio of carbon to resin, since pre-preg carbon has enough epoxy to completely soak the fabric and bond to other layers, but does not have excess epoxy, as often is the case with wet layup.

    the big problem is cost. pre-preg carbon fiber fabric is very expensive and hard to ship since it has to stay refrigerated (at room temp the epoxy pre-soaked in the fabric will start its exothermic reaction, causing it to slowly cure).

    in this video youll see how you can make your own carbon pre preg. for home fabrication, this is a big bonus actually because of cost and flexibility. simple ovens can easily be made to reach those temperatures for curing, but going the dry carbon and oven way is for the more advanced enthusiast because the oven itself will set you back a few hundred bucks to make.

    also, more info on making a curing oven:
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  6. just go to a place that makes carbon fibers and ask them if you could hold some of their scraps
  7. aka aircraft/airforce surplus
  8. If a technical school nearby has an aviation program (like maintenance, etc) that would be worth a try, not sure if they can give you some but one of the people there might have a connection in order to buy some.
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