how walkable is your neighborhood?

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  1. 12 out of 100, lol. Checked all my old places, best was 65.
  2. 45, it doesn;t know all of the shops though, otherwise it'd be a bit higher. It's mostly right though.
  3. I'm actually a little surprised it wasn't a little better...
  4. HAHA! The place I grew up got a 6-out-of-100...

    Welcome to Metro Detroit...
  5. The address you entered could not be found. Please check your address and try again.

    I'd give it a 90 though. A big mall with a supermarket and loads of stores ist just across the park, like 5 blocks away, nice park in the corner of my block, convenience store 1 block away, highschool/university 10 min. walk away, and another very good uni a bit farther, even a great photography shop nearby to fulfill my film photography needs, which is rare nowadays. Not much traffic, though that will probably change in the next few years. I hope i move to a nicer place nearby by then, i hate having traffic by my place.
  6. 42
    i'm kinda right in the middle of my neighborhood and you have to take all sorts of retarded streets just to reach the stores right outside the neighborhood.
  7. Where I lived during college got a 75... pretty good.
  8. 33. At first I thought it was like a rating of 'quality of walking' but it's about convenience and shite. I'd prefer to have the lower score and not be surrounded by stores/people/etc.
  9. 12/100
    but its finding a whole lot of shit on the other side (the shittier side).
    it also listed a convenience store thats across the road from a retirement village as a "bar"
  10. 98/100

    Brooklyn for the motherfUcking win. All the businesses/community institutions listed on the side are within 0.1 miles except the park (0.17mi) and the library (0.43mi).
  11. 12 lol

    Failed site is failed.

    I have everything I need within less than 2 miles.
  12. This is obviously adjusted for Americans who don't walk much. I just did an old address of mine, everything was within 1 mile (except a bookstore), and the score was only 55. It expects everything to be pretty close.
  13. Yea I tried two of my addresses in town, I got 89 for one and 54 for the other.
  14. No no, the closest library according to the site is 30 miles away according to it, it's really only 3 miles away.

    The list goes on.
  15. And yeah, it also depends on how much of your neighborhood is listed online.
  16. 46 where I live now, 18 for the neighborhood I grew up in.
  17. 0 for the vacation house <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  18. The programme fails to recognize most nearby shops
  19. My aunt and uncle's house in Boston scores a 99.
  20. They live in a Super market?
  21. Shopping Mall
  22. Yeah that's what I was supposed to say.
  23. new dexter in the fall ^_^

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