How Weineck Make This Engine:

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    How Weineck Makes This Engine:



    Quality is the essence: The production of our engines and vehicles Is determined by the selection of optimal components and the highest manufacturing precision Imaginable. The reason for this Is a machinery assortment to which only very few companies in Europe can compare.

    The reliability and long life - even under the highest stress - of the engines tuned by us have provided an excellent return for the millions we invested In machinery and given us the best chance to offer our customers the ideal solution for their specific requirements.


    Our engine blocks are produced distortion free. So-called torque-plates are set onto the cylinder blocks in order to keep the cylinder lines from taking on a square shape. When tightening the cylinder head screws, the round liners can take on a square shape, because the four screws form a square. The mounting of the torque-plates simulates the installation of the cylinder heads which occurs later on.

    ot installing torque-plates may cause the diameter of the cylinder liners to change by a few tenth millimetres, which might decrease engine performance. In addition, we only use endless piston rings which prevent the combustion energy from bypassing the piston.


    As the cylinder heads of many V8-engines are set at an angle, there can be problems when clamping the raw material Into the machinery. This may lead to Inaccuracies during the milling and cutting process. Therefore, we employ a HBS-2100 machine. which mills the surfaces with a 16-knife milling head. Thus the surface quality remains the same throughout the milling process. This example illustrates how important employing the right piece of machinery can be.

    The valve-seals of our engines are milled with an accuracy of up to the hundredth part of a millimetre. This process is carried out by a Sunnen VGS-20 machine which allows for milling all three valve-seat angles in a single operation.

    What is more, we also have unusual methods of fine-balancing the crankshafts for our engines. We know of no other engine manufacturer in Germany who uses master weights, i.e. counter weights which simulate the weights of the piston and piston rod. both of which are installed later. A more exact balancing of the crankshaft is not possible.

    We believe that American mass-produced crankshafts have an unacceptably high bearing tolerance, therefore we smooth the crank pins to an accuracy of 5 thousandth of a millimetre. This allows for extremely high revolution rates and permits using fully synthetic oils.
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    How Weineck Makes This Engine:

    The engine block is sourced from Donovan, all aluiminum.

    from :

    Donovan Engineering has been making aluminum racing engine blocks for over 30 years. For leading race engine builders who win by design, Donovan gives you the finest materials and latest engineering.
    Each Donovan block is cast from strontium-modified B356 alloy with special heat treat. A 2001 horizontal machining center assures the tightest tolerances and latest machined surfaces.

    HC 700 Standard:

    * Weight 170 pounds
    * Maximum 750 CID, 4.840" Bore Spacing
    * Cam Raised 0.400"
    * Pan Rail 3/4" Wider Than Stock
    * Deck Heights to 11.000" to 11.625"
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