how well do u think it will do in LMP1

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  1. Audi will probably kill this thing as it does everything else....
  2. I think it will do well, will beat the Pescarolo's & Oreca-Courage's but probably won't beat the Peugeot's & Audi's!
  3. First off Audi DOES NOT kill everything, you clearly never watch LMP1

    Second this will do good but its not going to win first season out there

    Three Peugeot will be dominant this year and take it all
  4. Lol 3 consecutive Le-Man's wins with the R10 tdi says otherwise. Yes the Porsche RS spyder is it's biggest comp, but only on short tracks.

    The Peugeot was the Audi's biggest comp.... But no avail.

    Audi is too quick on the straights, and more stable out of corner's.

    We'll see this season, but I still think Peugeot will run into some minor problem's that will set the beastly new R15 ahead.
  5. wait I worded that wrong... THe porsche was Audi's biggest comp on short tracks... other wise it was Peugeot...
  6. You're forgetting about Peugeot! They almost won Le Mans in 2008 if it was'nt for more reliability issues!
  7. I said Peugeot was their biggest comp at Lemans; but no avail.
  8. The RS Spider is in LMP2...
    genius lol
    it doesn't even race the R10 and won't race the R15. The last time Porsche raced in LMP1 or LMP900 was in 2000...

    The Peugeot 908 HDI *** is the R10 TDI's main competition...

    Go back to playing with hotwheels and scalectrix cars...
  9. The Porsche RS spyder despite being LMP2 has defeted the R10 numerous times... do research... genius...

    And like i said before this only applies to short tracks because the RS spyder is so much quicker through turns than the R10, due to how light it is... and the R10 usually doesn't have enough room on the small straights to catch up....

    Otherwise like i said Peugeot is the biggest comp.

    And thanks for reminding me.... I need to do something with my hotwheels collection :p
  10. The Audi's probably will scorch it but I reckon it will pull up a pretty good place, I hope so too!
    It will give Peugeot a run for their money no problems!
  11. No it hasn't because its not in competition with it... its like a Corvette C5 going against the R10, different cc. Its lighter by 75kg because of homologation rules. I never said the RS Spider can't beat the R10 TDi... it just hasn't when I've been watching ALMS or Le Mans 24. All I've seen it do is chase the R10 and occasionally overtake, but the R10 just overtakes in the straights, which are a bit longer than the corners... but thats not the point lol.

    You also said the Peugeot WAS the biggest competition when it almost won the LMS 2008 season if it wasn't for the 2 accidents at silverstone.

    Edit your posts if your guna contradict yourself lol

  12. Obviously you haven't. THe RS spyder defeted the Audi R10 back in 2007 at Long Beach. And Yes I understand that they're not in the same category, but the RS spyder is still a big comp for Audi, not that it matters when it comes to LMP1 which in that case it goes to Peugeot.... idk I confused myself... lol

    All I'm saying is, that the new Audi R15 will destroy this
  13. the indies l0l
  14. Lets settle this, the Porsche RS Spyder is the best ever LMP2/675 cr ever, beating the Audi's a number of times!
  15. The official name for this car is the Lola-Aston Martin B09/60
  16. it will definatly have a tough time against the new R15 from Audi and the Pergout but it will kill them in the corners
  17. The 2009 LeMans 24 hour race, saw this machine overall come in 4th place, not bad for its first showing. But still came in behind the 3rd place, factory Works-Audi and the front leading Peugoet race cars, though.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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