How will the world end?

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  1. There are plenty of people who translate it from the original, unedited language that it was written it.
  2. Alright yo, back on topic or else.
  3. Actually, it will be caused by me and Steven Segal, a double sonic boom, and a huge Hadouken by Aych Es Vee.
  5. Nothing that humans can build would be able to destroy a planet.
  6. Matthew chapter one and Luke chapter two definitely disagree with you on that point.
  7. How the hell do you know? Can you predict our technological advancements for the next 100, 1000, 10,000 years?
  8. You're a #$%#ing idiot for giving someone shit for having a different opinion than yours.
  9. The Recovery Edition is the closest to the original greek that is widely translated. Even then, the content was chosen with an agenda.
  10. !? Still effivin'.
  11. Do you have any idea how much energy it would take to destroy a planet? It can't happen, and even if you did manage to blow up a planet, it would recombine.
  12. Nikola Tesla could do it.
  13. And reason disagrees with them.

    Aquinas > Gospel writers
  14. If you're going to make outrageous claims, at least be prepared to back them up.
  15. When the magnetic polarity fails we'll be too lazy to build some vehicle to drill to the core, so we'll just sonic boom the core back into rotation and screw up.
  16. The short answer: Jesus rose from the dead, just like He said.

    The long answer: do your own research on the matter.
  17. There's no historical evidence. Again, stop making outrageous claims.
  18. wrong............ not all of the bible is a literal translation, some is figurative

    btw: NIV
  19. Once again, refer the post you qouted, u gayer! What you said is stupid as hell, you have no way of knowing what we'll be able to do in the future. Just because something like blowing up our own planet is impossilbe now or in the foreseeable future (100+ years) Doesn't mean that 1,000, shit, 10,000 years down the line, human beings won't posses the pwoerz to blow up this stupid planet. Keep in mind that we had eletricity for like only 200 years, computers for 60, and how far those took us in that short span of tyme.
  20. Wha?
  21. It would take a bomb with at least a billion billion megatons to destroy a planet, but then the pieces would just recombine because of gravity. Destroying a planet is also extremely pointless.
  22. What about Unicron?
  23. Ugh.

    "In the second place, it [arguing with others about God] is difficult because some of them, such as the Mohammedans and the pagans, do not agree with us in accepting the authority of any Scripture, by which they may be convinced of their error. Thus, against the Jews we are able to argue by means of the Old Testament, while against heretics we are able to argue by means of the New Testament. But the Mohammedans and the pagans accept neither the one nor the other. We must, therefore, have recourse to the natural reason, to which all men are forced to give their assent."
    - Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, Book One, Chapter 2

    Sparknotes: not everyone heeds the Bible. Hence, arguing with non-Christians by using the Bible is pointless.

    The dude lived in the 13th century and makes you look like a medieval peasant in comparison.
  24. Maybe marz ppl will have war with earth ppl and blow us to shit? Who the hell knows what's gonna be ahappenin in the future.

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