How will the world end?

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  1. I think the battle will probably be verbal only, as God's words have infinite power.
  2. you do realize you make everyone hate jesus dont you?
  3. Supernova!
  4. you do realize you make everyone hate jesus dont you?
  5. No!
  6. That makes sense.

    EDIT: And thanks for not answering my questions yet again.
  7. I apologize for being rude (I said STFU). Maybe if I ask nicely you'll be 'clearer'?
  8. Ugh.
  9. you do realize you make everyone hate jesus dont you?
  10. aliens obviously. This question is a no brainer
  11. I once read a book and the final chapter talked about the eventual conflict between Jesus and the anti-Christ (which is basically Satan in human flesh). And Jesus only needed to speak in order to "win", so I can't think that the final judgment of Satan will be any different.
  12. jesus was a normal man.
  13. hopefully something #$%#in epic like the world ending will happen, when i'm an old man.
  14. Not below the waist.
  15. It's best to just ignore RadAL, always.
  16. CRISPY
  17. Hemistage will suddenly OD on big b00bs, then argue with Gemballa. His faulty machinery will commence a flame war, which will cause him to have a massive massive backfire which will crush the earth.
  18. As soon world peace deploys, the earth will implode
    This is science
  19. I was going to argue this point, but then I saw that it was in a book and therefore indisputable.
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  21. Other:

    The world will go through a second dark age of syndicalism and moderate anarchy. Big guys will wipe out the little guys who will atleast decimate the big guys back.
    After a period of general mayhem, disorder and complete lack of progress: the next stage of our society. Hopefully the last, a very long and prosperous one as well.
    After which we have no use of this world any longer and we... simply leave. The world will revert back to a natural state and await the sun to run out and leave this planet a barren, scorched and in the end a frozen rock.
  22. Death by snoo snoo.
  23. I never thought I would die like this, but I always kinda hoped.

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