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  1. GM?
  2. Quality, Quality, Quality...It'll take 10 years of solid quality (world-class) to catch peoples eyes and change their perception. I'm not just talking about body gaps, but materials, designs and duration.

    Reduced model variety - keep to core concepts

    Move from conglomerate to profit-center based enterprise

    Global strategies - actually do it instead of giving it lip service

    Work with suppliers...don't squeeze them out by not allowing profits

    Invest in new technology for the vehicle, stick to tried and true technology to actually build the cars (Toyota doesn't use anything much newer than 30 years old within their plants - I don't mean parts, but tested techniques and technologies).

    Change corporate culture to one of customer focus, quality, and systems versus detailed orientation. Pretty much impossible to do however.

    Demand immediate results of top them according to performance

    Completely redesign the supply chain to be lean. No excess capacity .. no large "days on hand" of inventory. Streamline. Period. This includes internally, as well as getting suppliers on board.

    My personal fav (although no car company does this yet) - but get rid of the national sales branch. Dealer allotment can be done from the plant...and it keeps sales people more in line with plant and manufacturing operations instead of relaying through a third party entity. Also gets rid of packaging of options - which are (well...IMHO) a waste. If you build a car with a certain option out of a plant for one market, make it available for all.

    Stop making promises that both investors and the public know you can't meet. name a few.
  3. And you would keep the cost of your cars down, how?
  4. Not everything takes money to do...just logical processes, and a willingness to change instead of just talking about it as they have for the past 10 years.

    Plus NA auto companies (GM especially) are gluttons when it comes to capital. It's like friar tuck eating at a feast...chewing on one piece, only to throw the rest of it over his shoulder (k...some old vivid image of Robin Hood cartoons...nevermind). Just depends on where in the system you looked.

    The inventory system change alone could free up tens of millions of dollars in locked capital. Easiest place to start.
  5. Sell them to the Japs.
  6. I'll sell you to the japs you sarcastic piece of shit.
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  8. I hate you Jadotch. Why are you asking a bunch of tards about how they would save multi billion dollar corporations?
  10. I guess you bought into the Japanese marketing, thinking they bring you quality..
  11. Use cheap laber.
  12. Nicer interiors and the one thing I've noticed is what makes american cars less reliable then toyotas or hondas is not the basic desighn of the engine or transmission, its the little electronic sensors that go bad.
  13. Start making cars that people want.
    #$%# the Unions.
  14. have the japs do the electronics
  15. Build a time machine and go back to 1969.
  17. put horse logos on teh cars and sell them for 400k a piece
  18. one solution: consolidate them into one gigantic shitpile...
    Chrysler+GM+Ford = "american motor company"?
  19. ONLY GM: Honestly, all they have to do is start making profit off each car. The problem is not the cars. They just need to make money on the ones they sell. They need to downsize for starters. Then contact suppliers to see if they will work with them to cut costs, but not quality. I would implimate a merits style points system will all the plants in America. Start off at the plants with the most faults. Everytime a worker completes a job, he or she puts a # on there part, if the part fails and is due to them screwing up, they get a merit added and less pay, demoted, fired, some sort of punishment to get assembly top notch. Then seperate the cars from each other. Platform sharing is great, just make them look a little different at least. GM is getting better at this, and they need to keep doing this: MAKE GOOD CAR ADVERTISMENTS. The pontiac and GMC adds are alot better. Handleing, my only grip would be is that they give the cars to much roll. Better, more precise handling. Also, they really need to start making seats that hold you in, whyle still being comfortable. Just some things off the top of my head, sure they have to work ahead of them, but atleast they are getting better.
  20. "The problem is not the cars"

    "Everytime a worker completes a job, he or she puts a # on there part, if the part fails and is due to them screwing up, they get a merit added and less pay, demoted, fired, some sort of punishment to get assembly top notch."

    "GM is getting better at this, and they need to keep doing this: MAKE GOOD CAR ADVERTISMENTS"

    You have to be a second account.
  22. They should take investing advice from GT402.
  23. GM: Massive cutbacks and restructuring, kill Buick, Vauxhall, Saturn and GMC.

    Give Opel proper RWD platforms and let them once again turn in to the poor mans Mercedeses they once were. Kick start SAAB by giving them enough resources to develop a 4WD platform. Make Cadillac more upmarket. Stop trying to sell Daewoos as Chevrolets.

    Ford: Kill Mercury. Jaguar needs better quality. Lincoln needs to be more upmarket and properly american.

    Chrysler: The 300 was the right way to go, why is the new Sebring so weak looking and FWD? The PT-Cruiser needs to be redesigned using less plastic and a better platform.
  24. and shave off a bunch of brands.
  25. GM - apart from say, the new Malibu (give some of the brands a car on the same platform, different bodies/interiors), turn all the cars back to RWD, resurrect all the 60s muscle cars, with big V8s and decent interiors/handling

    Ford - produce concepts like the MkX and Interceptor, get rid of stuff like the US Focus, and give the US the Euro Focus and Mondeo, rest of models RWD + Big V8s

    DCX - RWD, get rid of shit like the Caliber, Avenger, etc and replace them with RWD stuff, get rid of that horrible plastic silver dashboard that they seem to put in every model they make, and sort out the interiors. Big V8s

    all three - sell off any companies that aren't American

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