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  1. how did they get that much speed from a twin turbo v-8
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    because its a TWIN TURBO V-8. not just any V-8. and you can get most cars to go this fast with v-6's if you have enough money, punctuiation mark person. o and gear ratios also come into play, hence its not so good acceleration (not so good for cars with that much hp).
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    How what
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    SImply becasue its heavily modified.
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    exactly. it must have a good turbo system
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    It's all about Turbo Boost, gear ratios and a lot of time at a oval track.
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    ...a salt lake.
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    i know that but we are talking in the 80's here, the year of bad fashion! well it probably just got a long gear ration and other stuff, but thatz damn good modifications for the 80's
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    Mix of two concepts... AND a big displacement engine, AND a bi-turbo setup... works great.. but how does it handle?
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    How? I'm wondering this too. If its so heavily modified why is it production? supercars, show us the gear ratios!
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    lets just say it doesnt handle :S
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    Its not in production, never was.
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    you see cars have these things called engines and big turbo ones go fast
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    decade, not year
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    hey, thanks SupraMan. chewbacca is by far the coolest
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    Like any other 80s Corvette.
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    well think bout this car was in the 80's if they tried to do this now it would be one hell of a vette...and id be in line for it...
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    Well,it has a twin turbo V8,not just an ordinary V8,a twin turbo V8.
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    wow... at first i thought it was a misprint, but then i read the description and realized it was real. i guess looks can be deceiving
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    yes yes
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    Personally I think that its a miracle what you can find under the hood of that sledgehammer. If they should ever rebuild it chevy should come back with a new design like the new c6 corvette we going to have soon. Think about it. top speed or 450hp v8 c6 corvette
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    It's a small block Chevy engine, fitted with twin turbos routed through a modified tunnel ram intake manifold. The tunnel ram was fitted with individual fuel injectors, and the combination creates around 900+ HP, but still gets 17 Mpg in normal driving. Very impressive for the 1980's.

    Look at the pic, and you'll notice numerous vents and gills on the body of the car, as well as more exhaust vents on the top of the hood that you are unable to see. Every one of these has a purpose, to route fresh air in or out of important areas of the car. Each brake rotor, additional oil and transmission fluid coolers, twin turbo intakes, and other underbody coolers are kept at reasonable temperatures using these ducts...which gives the car it's durable and consistent characteristics.

    It's a pretty amazing vehicle...especially for it's time.
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    The other corvettes look a lot nicer, or at least I think so.
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    top speed in excess of 250 miles an hour means nothing if your car isnt in full production. this fails to impress me when you realise how many non production cars (could be in production but not economicaly viable due to demand) can reach these speeds. *yawn

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