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    Getting to the basics of the engine...Turbo's Donot alter the low range torque as much. The car's engine would have been tuned, and designed specifically for the purpose of top speed. The Engine in that car should have given better accelration times. The tuning was geared towards high end revs.
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    All i have to say is that is was a great accomplishment for chevy when they built this machine they should be doing more of this kind of stuff.
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    yes i think so, they should combine good handling, topspeed, braking and aerodynamics and create an insane car
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    This sucks people, why are you not able to see this?
    Is it simply because it's an american site and the corvette is "an american legend"?

    This is NOT a production car, there is no way in hell you can even try and tell me that it is! They only made 1!!!!! Just 1!!! and they're trying to pass it off as a production car?

    Sure they say they can reproduce it for $400,000 but gimme a break! - Does this mean that if someone tunes/modifys a car to go faster than this that so long as they 'claim' they can reproduce it (no matter how stupid the cost) then it will be a valid entry in the race to be the fastest?

    That's a load of cr4p!
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    What's the big mystery?

    880bhp from 5.7 litres is impressive, but BMW squeezed 1400bhp from 1.5 litres for it's F1 engines in 1986 and The Olds Aerotech had 1000bhp from 2.0 litres.
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    I'm surprised that none were sold. Sure they are rediculously priced but i would have thought that there would there would have been a few buyers. It performance looks pretty impressive but there must be some huge flaws that we aren't seeing here. It just seems odd.
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    First off, the did make more than one... even if they didnt they are all mods people can do themselvs. I think the car is amazing, the chevy 350ci is one of the best V8s you can buy, its light being a small block and you can pull a ton of HP out of it and then you put it in a fiberglass car, either someone it a genius or a complete idiot, im leaning tward genius...

    they may never have put it into full production but remember that was in the 80s, that car was at least a decade ahead of its time and if they did it to a new vette it would be damn near unmatched, especially for an american car!
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    this is a twin turbo v-8 you can get that much power out of one easely, if you havent looked around at hot-rods, there are guys that run 1000+ hp on the street
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    Yeh but how many Twin Turbo V8's are there that can top 400km and how many of those were made 15 years ago?? That's why this car is special.
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    Very nice car. And as for the handleing, it is probaly not very good. But i think it would handle ok. I have a 1987 Corvette, and although the ride is very harsh, the handeling is very good.
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    Im more of a lamborghini fan but hell if this thing can hit 252mph were the fuc.k do i sign up to get one!
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    i wanna put one of the engines from one of these in a datsun z-car with aerodynamic modifications to the body. I think it would be funny to surprise ppl.

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