How'd you do this X-Mas?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. How'd you guys do this Christmas? I did pretty well for myself haha.

    I recieved:

    1/18 Auto Art Corvette C5-R from LeMans 2003 (hasn't arrived yet)
    The Ultimate Matrix Collection
    The Lord Of the Rings box set
    A wall display for Hot Wheels still in the blister packs
    "Supercars" by the editors of EVO
    Chevelle - This Type of thinking (Could Do Us In)
    Chevelle - Point #1
    Sum 41 - Chuck
    100 CD-Rs
    224 CD Case
    $150 Cash
    $50 National City Money Card
    $50 in Target Gift Cards
    Mach 3 Power Razor
  2. Is that Sum 41 album any good?
  3. I got stupid expensive razors but I really want a barber clipper... will buy on boxing day I think...
  4. Only listened to the first 3 songs so far. Its harde5r and darker than their earlier stuff. I can send it to you over AIM later if you want.
  5. shittiest present ever, same bullshit every #$%#ing year, who the #$%# buys clothes on christmas, what the #$%#.
  6. I got some sweaters. Some pans and cutlery for my house next year. Some money, some gift cards. Oh, and a leather jacket.

    I dunno, I'm more than happy. Considering my parents give me shit all year long, I don't need/deserve anything at christmas.
  7. my mom cancelled christmas, so nothing.
  8. I win this one!

    The special power of attorny finally arrived on Christmas day, allowing allowing my mother to marry my fiance (on my behalf) while I'm in Iraq.

    DVD player.

    Expecting Oakley shooting glasses.

    Don't know what else is coming.
  9. What pisses me off is that I tell everyone every year I want TOYS and they think I'm kidding but I'm not, and tell them that. I think I'm just gonna' go buy myself some lego or mechano or something...
  10. That sounds suspiciously like same-sex marriage <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. 3 sweaters
  12. A sweater, scaf, pants, Scarface, Full Sprectrum Warrior, some chocolate, and a good sum of money.
  13. I got an HP-2200 iPaq with a 1gig flashdrive thing, it's rad.

    I also got some old Ninja Turtles episodes on dvd, friggin rad. I gotta go though, so I'll post my full list later.
  14. omg!! you said X-mas you jesus hating Nazi.
  15. A recycling can for my condo.
  16. camrea. picture frames. gloves
  17. Clothes, TH boxers, 1900-1910 chest, money, and other things.
  18. 100$ in cash, ace combat 5 PS2, and thats not all(yet)
  19. New cellphone, mini iPod (I want to exchange for 20 GB one), GTA: SA, 1942 WWII anthology, Ghost Recon 2, clothes, and some other stuff that I can't remember.
  20. Not a huge amount. I didn't want much because my parents have helped out with me setting up my darkroom over the last couple of months.

    A Hugo Boss deoderent stick and spray thingie gift pack.
    A Far Side calender.
    'The Camera', 'The Negative' and 'The Print' books by Ansel Adams. Although they're still on their way from
  21. Cell phone, rear disc brake for my bike, headphones, candy, socks, boxsers, etc.
  22. LOTR box set
    pink floyd - DSOTM
    LOTR risk
    a puzzle
    1:18 porsche 911 carrera
    F1 book (i dont like f1)
    a cool wheel clock thing
  23. hahah
    that's pretty funny

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