How'd you do this X-Mas?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Ownage by shirt.
  2. Not really. Guns have been given as gifts since the invention of the firearm. In modern times it wasn't uncommon at all for a father to get his son a rifle or shotgun. Of course those were simpler times before stupid things like liberals or Canada.
  3. cash for clothes
    some more cash
    homemade bath fizz stuff and cool soaps (ladies dig that shiat)
    a&b sound gift certificates
    glenlivet scotch

    the present aspect of xmas was awesome but only just icing on top of what was a tremendously good and merry time had by all in the family... great food, 2 big family dinners, couldn't ask for more really.
  4. -Driving Ambition (Grandparents)
    -The Da Vinci Code(Parents)
    -~$650 (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles)
    -Gift Certificates(Aunts, Uncles)
    -Clothes(Parents, Grandparents)
    -Travel Stuff(Parents)

    I didn't do too bad considering I didn't ask for anything. My parents are paying for a 10 day trip to Europe during the March Break, so that was basically my gift for the whole year.
  5. Work Boots
    5 cd's
    Socks X5
    DVD Box Set
  6. I received $150 cash, $20 at best buy, a shirt, a George Foreman grill, a few books, and my parents said they would pay for the interior of my car to get fixed.

    *EDIT* and a leather jacket.
  7. - $170
    - Claiborne suede jacket
    - 3 shirts
    - Sweater
    - Jeans
    - 512 MB Compactflash
    - Polarizer
    - Lens hood
    - Christmas ornament
  8. just as of now suede jacket, driving gloves, soldering iron, some cash/gift cars, a second cable box, a steering wheel for PS2. Thats not counting what I am getting for myself later.

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