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  1. I watched a show on Chargers last night a 426 Hemi had 320hp & the top of the line was a 440 with 375 hp at 4600 rpm now that is bad ass definitly at suck a low rpm but whoever wrote this said the 426 hemi had 400+hp & as for this truck although it looks very good I doubt the production model will have even the 345hp it will take to match the Escalade
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    plus this isnt a concept you can buy this special order, or you will be able to anyways.
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    Um, every show, book, and magazine I have read says the Hemi was the king of the motor crop at 425hp. Never seen a Hemi rated at such a low number, unless your talking the old small block Hemi's.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah guys 426 hemis had 425 or so hp maybe more because of the insurance rates they underestimated them. but what makes you think the new vipers engine even in the new ram would only make 345 horses i mean they might detune it a little (I would't) but not that far they could get 345 out of the old 5.9 with the right tuning.
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    the show I seen was on Speed vision about nothing but Chargers had a lot of the people that designed the Charger in the show along with some people from Dodge. They said the Hemi 326 from 68 till like 71 had 325hp the top engine of the time was the 440 with 375hp that is straight from them. And I never said the Viper engine would only have 345hp. I said when this truck is no longer a CONCEPT it will hav a smaller engine & push less than 345hp. Almost every concept car that comes out has 300-400+ hp when the actual car is made if ever made it has a smaller more reasonable engine. & if u don't remember Dodge said a LONG time ago they were putting out a truck with a Viper V10. Remember the Sidewinder looked much better than a Ram never came out I would of definitly drooled over that truck & can see people spending the extra thousands for that truck other than a typical everyday Ram (with sum badd ass fx)
    It is a beautiful Truck though & since no one makes a decent kit for a Ram this would be nice. Could you imagine all the V6 Rams that will have this kit.
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    I understand what youre saying but i know that the late great hemi was the 426 ci. (425 hp) but they did make other size hemis earlier in the 50's and 60's that were more around the 300-350 ci. size (not sure of exact size).
    Any way just my personal opinion if they were serious about putting a sport Ram (SRT-10) out I think it would have more than 345 horses because they would want if not need to beat the LIGHTNING F-150 I know I certainly wouldnt get a sport oriented truck that couldnt take the FORD at the light. Also Dodge and all of chrysler for that matter doesnt change alot from concept to poduction especially if people like it (why would you produce something people dont like) just look at everything from PT cruisers to the Prowler.
    If your still skeptical about the 426 hemi check out the 1970 Challenger R/T on the past supercars side of this site. maybe they said the 440 was tops just because it had the most displacement.

    not trying to start trouble just telling you what i think (and know).
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    also if you check out the viper concept page on this site it lists hp at only 300 and even though the original came with "only" 400 that's still a significant jump UP in HP .

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