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  1. How much horsepower does a car like this have??
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    Over 800 bhp. Thats the best anyone outside of Ferrari would know i'd say.
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    a hell of a lot. <!-- Signature -->
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    Ferrari gives the exact stats of their Formula One cars on their Homepage ... unfortunately solely for those older than 10 years.
    So check back in 2012 and I'll post the numbers ;)
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    Isn't there an 850hp ceiling on F1 cars?<!-- Signature -->
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    uh no Josh there is not. the BMW engine last year had 900+HP and every year they raise the bar. is just really up to by how much can you raise the power without loosing reliability.
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    It has 860hp, im quite sure about it
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    There is only a handful of people that really know the power of the 2001 BMW engine and none of them would post it in a Supercar Forum.
    But even the most optimistic guesses from "experts" only reached to 880 HP.
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    a friend of mine, whose name i will not mention out of respect for his wishes, who worked on f1 cars back in the early nineties and still has the inside track told me that the BMW engine produced 860-880bhp, that is all, not 900bhp plus, peace<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah sure, and when you wanna talk to your friend you mark an 'X' on your window with adhesive tape and then you meet him in the park at night where you're not allowed to see his face and have to use a password phrase...
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    yo snyper,
    I think i've had enough of your insults. For all of you who are trying to say that i'm a liar or making this up, try and be mature and accept the facts. BMW has 900HP+. Now if you dont wanna believe me that's fine. but dont rush into conclusions by saying another figure which is not correct. I will reinterate that i have insiders as of now. and the teams dont like to reveal the TRUE horsepower they cut back at least 50hp for the public to know. that's all i have to say about that. an dif you wanna blabber on by sayin im wrong go ahead. i will not waist my time trying to change your hard headed minds.
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    The Teams don't cut back 50HP for the public because the Teams never tell something to the public. There are no insider informants. All your figures come from the TV-Experts who have maybe heard "relatively reliable" numbers 5 years ago and now try to estimate the progress from the sound of the engine.
    If the Teams would cut back 50 HP from the numbers it would be pretty easy to add them again and get the real value.
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    excuse me but the figures i posted r correct, i dont care what u think, that is just ur infidels insecurities, i couldnt care what u think, if u dont want to believe me that is fine, it is ur loss only, not mine, but neway, peace<!-- Signature -->
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    there is a 20hp limit for every formula one car. the ferrari has 860hp and the bmw had 850hp last year so they are maybe the smae now the mclearn hp is probably around 860hp this year.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bmwm5power</i>
    <b>there is a 20hp limit for every formula one car. the ferrari has 860hp and the bmw had 850hp last year so they are maybe the smae now the mclearn hp is probably around 860hp this year.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    1, what the hell does this mean?
    and 2, few people know actual horsepower numbers of any F1 car, the best info made public is 800+hp, however, when Road and Track tested the first of the Jaguar F1 cars a year or so ago, tey listed HP at 820, for the 2000 season.<!-- Signature -->
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    Isn't it true that pretty much only the Ferrari techicians know as teams try to keep actual numbers as clandestine as possible?
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    Yes Thugz exactly, if a Kid in a forum like snyper can have an "insider" than pretty much every journalist would have too and we would know more about the power of F1 cars than of our own.
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    motorvision did a test on 2001 arrows and it had 830hp
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    Thing is, for each race the output of the engines will change slightly depending on the rev limits the teams put on the cars and the altitude of the race circuit. At Belgium last year a big thing was made about how BMW weren't convinced their engine would last the entire race so they dropped the limiter by a few hundered RPM. On longer circuits the teams may also use slightly lower revs, especially is the aerodynamics of the car are good so the engine is more likely to last the race.

    For example, the Arrows Asiatech engine last season, by no means anywhere near the best power plant on the grid, to be honest 830 seems a bit high. Maybe for qualifying they can let it rev a bit higher make some minor adjustments in the ECU etc. But during a race I'd doubt it ran up at 830 BHP

    Thats is the main reason why F1 engines tend to get quoted as abeing 800BHP+, because they will rearely have exactly the same power output from one race to the next.<!-- Signature -->
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    You guys are wrong again, and whoever reckons the BMW is putting out 900hp+ has got a few screws loose. F1 racing magazine put the BMW P80 engine of last year at 862hp in qualifying trim, significantly less in the race. The Asiatech/Peugot unit was rated at 792hp when it was in the prost, and i cant see a big jump within those years (due to the scrapping of Berylium.) The Ferrari and Mercedes Units where supposidly a little down on the BMW, 10-15 hp for the Ferrari and up to 25hp for the Mercedes. This years P82 is said to be just as powerful as last years with potential to grow more powerful as the year goes on.
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    The only engine really making use of Berylium was Mercedes and it was already banned last season.
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    So basicly no body, knows thanks most informative

    I've heard from a direct source the teams know each others HP within a %. As they know the weight of the cars (in qualifying any way) they can measure the speed hence find torque, factor in the coefficient of slip on the tyres which they know. Then using harmonics determine engine speed.
    Easy now all we have to do is sit on thye pit straght trying to time the cars with our wirst watch
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    Calculating the Horsepower the way you said would presuppose that the driver "works" 100% exact, that the teams know each others CdA and Downforce. Since that is not given, there is a great inaccuracy in your calculation, which will leave the Teams with as much as we know, they have around 850 HP. By the way, a few percent of an 800+ HP engine easily add up to 50 HP.

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